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SHC English youth group reenacts Passion Play

A scene from the Passion Play at the closing trilingual Way of the Cross outdoors, Sacred Heart Cathedral Karamunsing, Good Friday, 30 Mar 2018.

KOTA KINABALU – Sacred Heart English youth group led by Aline Lim reenacted the Passion Play during the combined Way of the Cross on the grounds of Sacred Heart Cathedral here on Good Friday, 30 Mar 2018.

Eleven members took part in the play directed by Aline Lim with Walter Lajanty as Jesus and
Kimberley Tamayo as Mary.

The parish youth groups (English, Chinese, and BM) take turns to organise the Passion Play annually.  Last year’s play was staged by the BM youth group Efata.

Archbishop John Wong led the opening prayer of the devotion while the 14 stations were read consecutively in English (Deacon Russell Lawrine), BM (Richard Angkis), and Chinese (Catherine Wan) in the presence of around 1000 faithful.

Abp Wong also led the 15th station (Resurrection) before the final prayers for the pope’s intentions and imparting his blessing.

In his closing remarks, the prelate reminded those present to come early for the Good Friday service either at 3 pm (English) or 6 pm (BM).

Meanwhile, the BM Catechetical groups – RCIA, Confirmation, First Communicants – took the opportunity to recollect themselves after the Way of the Cross at the parish centre.  The recollection ended with the viewing of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.

On the same day, devotees of the Divine Mercy began their novena to prepare for the Divine Mercy Sunday celebration on Apr 8.

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