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Hostels for Students

The following hostels for students are managed by the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (FSIC).

bundu tuhanDon Bosco Children’s Home Bundu Tuhan (1969)
Mother Bernadette Amandus (superior), Sr Elizabeth Shang, Sr Catherine Liew (dispensary) and Sr Regina Makajil came to Bundu Tuhan in January 1965 to teach at the Don Bosco English Primary Schoool built by the Mill Hill Brothers. The school was administered by Sr Regina Makajil from 1965-1982. They moved to their new La Verna Convent built by Br Ben Snoeren in June 1966. They started looking after the poor and needy students in and around the area, some of whom were orphans. In 1969 Dr Paul Swagemakes’ house (he came in January 1967 and returned to Holland in November 1968) was converted into Don Bosco Children’s Home. To date it has received many donations from the public and generous individuals like Datuk Victor Paul, Datin Helen Tseu, the Buddhist Association and many others.

Address: P.O.Box 10858, 88809 Kota Kinabalu Sabah
Tel: 088-889942 / 889948
Fax: 088-889940

our lady of lourdes telipokOur Lady of Lourdes Hostel Telipok (1988)
In June 1987 Srs Elizabeth Shang, Brigid Lo and Rita Chew came at the request of Fr Thomas Sham to start a community in Telipok as he would be transferring to Sacred Heart Cathedral. The sisters stayed at the rectory and moved to the old teachers quarters in December 1987. Sr Rita taught in SM St Peter while the other two took care of the parish. After some time the old wooden structure was demolished and rebuilt. On 11 Feb 1991 the new convent was blessed by Bp John Lee. There was a need to provide a hostel for the students who came from the remote areas like Tumpulan, Talungan and Lawa Mundow and so the sisters started taking them in since 1988. A new hostel was built in 2010.

Address: P.O.Box 10975, 88810 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088-492942

stella marisStella Maris Hostel Tanjung Aru  (1991)
Stella Maris Primary School started in 1948 by Fr Adrian Grent mhm while the secondary school was started by Sr Stella Chin in 1968. As the secondary school expanded to a full secondary school there was a need to accommodate the many girls who were studying either at nearby La Salle Secondary School or at Stella Maris Secondary itself. The Franciscan Sisters decided to build a three-storey hostel for them. The construction began on 1 Feb 1989 and completed in December 1990 at the cost of RM1,302,456.35. It was blessed in January 1991 with Sr Alphonsus Low as sister in charge. It has an office, dining room, study room and kitchen on the ground floor while there are 18 rooms on the first floor. The chapel, library, kitchenette, sitting room and another three rooms are located on the second floor.

Address: P.O.Box 345, 89457 Tanjung Aru Sabah
Tel: 088-231989

san damiano kiuluSan Damiano Girls Hostel Kiulu (1992)
The sisters came to Kiulu at the invitation of the pastor of Tuaran to take care of the catechetical needs in St Joseph Kiulu as there was no resident priests and to run the hostel for secondary shool students coming from remote villages. In 1992 the convent and the girls hostel were completed through the supervision of Sr Alphonsus Low. The first community members were Srs Dorothy Laudi, Jacinta Majalang and Rosario Joseph. The boys hostel was completed in 1993. When the Brothers of St Gabriel (Montfort Brothers) came to work in the archdiocese the sisters handed over the management of the boys hostel to them, with the consent of the Ordinary.
P.O.Box 397, 89257 Tamparuli Sabah
Tel/Fax: 088-782787 / 0195876324

st rose kota maruduSt Theresa’s Hostel Kota Marudu (1997)
The community started in 1994 with Sr Clarice Jomitin and Sr Patricia Limun.  When Fr Felix Chung started taking boarders in 1997, he requested the sisters to look after them. Since then the sisters were more involved especially when the girls’ hostel was completed. Apart from taking care of the boarders the sisters are involved in other church activities and catechetical (PMG and RCIA).  The boarders come from remote villages of Kota Marudu where some of the villages have no schools. Since the existence of the hostel, hundreds of students have been educated. Some of them graduated as teachers, police officers, engineers and have secured a good job in the society.

P.O.Box 369, 89107 Kota Marudu Sabah
Tel/Fax: 088-663460

mother of divine grace kota beludMother of Divine Grace Hostel Kota Belud (2002)
The community started here in 2002 with Sr Grace Deosing, Sr Jaslia Ramut and Sr Lusiah Kayoh.  In 2006 there were ten boarders from the outstations who attended the nearby secondary school.  The building was renovated in 2011 with a new water pump.  The renovation was sponsored by the Centre Foundation and other benefactors.

c/o St Edmund’s Church
P.O.Box 50, 89157 Kota Belud Sabah
Tel: 088-976636 Fax: 088-976758

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