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The Catholic Archdiocesan Centre, located at Lorong Hiburan 3, Taman Hiburan, Jalan Penampang, was mooted by Bishop Simon Fung.  It comprises three blocks.

block 1 Block 1

Block 1 (formerly Simon’s House) was completed in December 1986 at the cost of RM632,805.00. ¬†It was granted Occupation Certificate in February 1987. ¬†It was blessed by Bishop John Lee and declared open by YB Bernard Dompok on 9 Jan 1988. ¬†It houses the Archbishop’s Office, the Archdiocesan Secretariat, Finance Office, Youth/Campus Ministry Office, Aspirants Formation House, Liturgical Commission Office, and the Reception Office.

block 2

Block 2 (formerly Catholic Pastoral Centre or John’s House) was completed in 1993 and since 2002, it houses the offices of the Catechetical Commission, Christian Family Life Commission, ¬†Education Commission, Human Development Commission, Social Communication Commission, Archdiocesan Archvies, Catholic Sabah, Electronic Data Entry, Kadazan Bible/Liturgy Translation, Resource Centre, meeting and lecture rooms, and a conference hall.

block 3


Block 3 (Catholic Service Centre) was set up in 1998.  It comprises the Chinese Catechetical Office, Catholic Sabah Chinese Section, Lu Magazine, general printing services of the archdiocese, and since 2002, the Books Distribution Centre.  Tel: 088-712416       Fax: 088-713435


Tel: 088-712297 / 715017 / 724305
Fax: 088-711222

Archbishop’s Office
Dominic Lim РExecutive Secretary   (
Teresa Chin РFinance Officer      (
Mary Gan – Filing Clerk
Elsie Mokujin – Admin Assistant
Joainady Musa – Office Boy
Aloysia Moguil – Reception Office

Aspirant Formation House
Fr Isidore Gilbert РDirector  8.6.2019
Clementina Maluda – English Teacher
Beatrice Wong – English Teacher
Bernadette Lidadun – English Teacher
Elizabeth Emma Suban – Domestic Helper
Linda Hasa – Cleaner
Joainady Musa – Gardener

Maintenance Committee
Fr Joshua Liew РHead     (
Gerard Chung     (
Stella Yong (
Cecilia Liew    (
Fr Mattheus Luta РInitiation Year Formation House, Jalan Sang Kancil 3, Karamunsing  (088-236102)
Sr Terecia Loukang ( – Catholic Student Group Centre, Jalan Sang Kancil 3, Karamunsing

Bundu Tuhan Retreat Centre
Gerard Chung РCommittee Member    (
Elsie Mokujin – Booking (088-712297)

Catholic Service Centre (Tel: 088-712416  Fax: 088-713435)
Martin Voo – in charge
Stella Yong
Catherine Wan     (
Grace Lo      (
Francisca Chin
Juanita Humoc РBookshop   (

Commission Offices
Sr Rita Chew fsic -Head
Adeline Lazarus РClerk (part-time)     (

Sr Terecia Loukang fsic Рincharge    (
Sr Dora Obod fsic РAssistant    (
Sheerah Yangus – Campus Asst
Kelly Leong

Sr Dariah Ajap fsic РHead      (
Sr Imelda Angang fsic – Assistant (

Neil Mah (part-time)      (

Human Development
Sr Anita James fsic РAHDC office in charge (part-time)     (
Mira Benjulut (part-time)     (
Sr Anita James fsic – Migrant Desk Officer (part-time)

Secretariat for Family
Neil Mah (part-time)    (

Anita Tunggolou (volunteer)

Sr Bibianah Thecla Dunsia fsp (part-time)     ( /

Support Services
Data & Documentation
Gerard Chung РExecutive Officer   (
Kathy Ah Ting РAdmin Assistant      (

Resource Centre
Stacey Lim РClerk      (

Archdiocesan Archive
Cecilia Liew Рincharge       (

KDM Bible Translation Office
Peter Lidadun – Translator (part-time)
Sylvia Diksol РClerk        (

Catholic Sabah
Msgr Primus Jouil РEditor  (088-254321)
Agnes Chai РAssociate Editor     (
Linda Edward РSubeditor    (
Lily Akau РEditorial Assistant/BM Section    (
Catherine Musa – General Clerk
Catherine Wan РChinese section    (
Neil Mah РBM Translator    (
Peter Lidadun – KDM Translator

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