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Discipleship programme draws 20 participants

KOTA KINABALU – Twenty people attended an eighth-day discipleship programme based on the theme The glory of God is a human being fully alive on 12-20 Jan 2018.

The programme, conducted by LiFE-ICPE Mission Sabah, was held at the Community House at Taman BDC Jalan Family Planning here.

It comprised of a weekend seminar on knowing God: Father, Son, Holy Spirit, followed by five successive evenings of various teachings on self-knowledge that leads  to loving and serving others.

Organiser Beatrice Wong said the final day was focused on evangelisation and praying with one another to be able to live fully and share it with others.

She added that life lived in common through fellowship and prayer together provides a place of connection and application of what has been learned.

Participants were also encouraged to attend the monthly follow-up gatherings.

Jason Cyprinus, 21, a recent college graduate, said that his faith has expanded and that he desires to live life to the fullest with the knowledge that God loves him very much.

Fernando Jolin Gamin, 19, an electrician, shared that two areas in his life were transformed after going through the programme: “knowing about myself and living in community; the topic on ‘Self Awareness’ was the most significant for me.”

Shirley Paul, 32, a Medical Officer, said that the programme has transformed her outlook on her work or vocation, as well as her role in evangelisation, which is sharing her experience of God’s love with others.

Francisca Malantin, 61, a retired nurse, elaborated on her acquired understanding of being in a community.

“We cannot be on our own, we need to be in a community. This is where we can serve God’s people. I am so humbled by the way LiFE community interacts with the participants; they are so encouraging, so positive. I felt so loved and appreciated,” said Malantin.

She added, “During the sending-off and being prayed over, I experienced the power of the Holy Spirit overflowing and filling me, and felt God is embracing me” and promised to bring this love to her family.

LiFE-ICPE Mission Sabah is a lay community, committed to equip, transform and empower individuals in discovering and living out their purpose in life. LiFE is part of The Institute for World Evangelisation – ICPE Mission, an international Catholic Mission made up of Christians committed to the goal of world evangelisation. – Beatrice Wong

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