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KL prelate shares what touched him during the ad limina visit

Archbishop Julian Leow of Kuala Lumpur shares what touched him during the ad limina visit to the Holy See on 4-9 Feb 2018.

Meeting the Holy Father up close and personal and being able to share our thoughts and feelings with him was such an amazing experience, but what really touched me was hearing him speak from his heart to us.

The Holy Father’s openness and genuine concern for us all was evident during our time with him. He was truly focused on our discussions, thoughts and concerns during the 90-minute meeting.

Throughout our Ad Limina visit, we were aware of the continuous prayers of the Catholic community back home in Malaysia and the community in Rome, whose faith touched me.

Seeing the simple yet powerful faith of our people supporting the Bishops and the Church was heart-warming and their mere presence spoke volumes of their love for their shepherds and the Church as a whole.

All in all, I am truly grateful for this opportunity of being part of this Ad Limina, I am content with my maiden experience and I am truly empowered by this whole experience. – Herald Malaysia, 28 Feb 2018

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