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Ignite Hope — Penang Diocese’s Lenten Campaign

“Our Lenten theme Ignite Hope, is a call to be awakened to our duties and to our ailing planet, and to hear the cry of all those in need,” explains Fr Joachim Robert, chairman of Penang Office For Human Development / Caritas Penang.

“Even though we have to continue to stay vigilant and alert in these uncertain times, we can faithfully and generously carry out our Lenten commitment as exhorted by Prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 58:10) ‘Feed the hungry and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.’

“Let us faithfully and cheerfully heed this call of God to continuously serve Him in those who are most in need of His mercy, especially in these uncertain times, marching forward with grace and courage”

Sharing is Caring
Poverty continues to exist in Malaysia, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only made efforts to overcome poverty even more difficult. How can I help?

Provide food and other forms of aid to the poor around you.
Give to those in need.
Volunteer at ‘soup kitchens’.
Donate clothing to the needy.
Buy goods from smaller businesses, i.e. support your friends’ or local businesses.

Be Merciful to the Migrants and Refugees
The only choice they had was to flee their homes in search of a better life, but they continue to live difficult lives here, often deprived of their basic human rights.

How can I help?

Highlight the plight of the refugees.

Be hospitable to the migrants and refugees.

Donate cash / goods to the local refugee centres.

Teach the local language(s) to the migrants.

Give free tuition to the immigrant schoolers.

We are all God’s Creation
The differently-abled, the sick, the abused, the homeless, those with special needs, the senior citizens, orphans, and ex-convicts are examples of persons who are marginalised and continue to live on the peripheries of society.

How can I help?
Visit and help orphanages.
Donate toys / educational supplies to orphanages.
Volunteer at retirement / nursing homes.
Help maintain these homes – in cash or kind

Protect the World
The escalation in our production of inorganic waste is already having a devastating effect on our planet Earth.

How can I help?

––Separate trash for recycling.
––Re-use / re-purpose old household items.
––Care for a plant in your own home.
––Organise an event that encourages the re-use of used items.
––Pick up trash when you see it on the ground.

SOURCE: Herald Malaysia Online

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