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KKKR brings Christmas cheer to Ranau Hospital staff

The KKKR choir and hospital staff pose for remembrance

RANAU – The Christian Health Community Ranau (KKKR) brought early Christmas cheer to the staff of Ranau Hospital on 15 Dec 2017.

KKKR’s performance brought cheer to the staff who were not able to be with their loved ones to celebrate Christmas.

KKKR Chairman Dr Clarence D Sirisani said the activity also enabled patients, who had to be  detained in the hospital, to enjoy Christmas Day, regardless of race and religion.

“The activity also serves to bring the glad tidings of Christmas among the Christian community in every unit and to strengthen the relationship among the staff,” said Dr Clarence.

The carollers who entertained the patients, visitors and hospital staff were led by Dr Jason Hendrick, a Medical Officer at the Ranau Hospital.

Meanwhile, Dr Clarence who is also the Director of the Ranau Hospital invited the public to the Ranau Hospital Christmas Open House at the foyer on 12 Jan 2018, starting at 2:00 pm.

“We hold this celebration each year, not only in living our faith and hope as Christians, but also to forge closer ties with those of other faiths here,” he said. – Clarence Dol

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