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Penampang confirmands undeterred by flash floods

A group of male confirmands pose with the concelebrants after the Mass, St Michael Penampang, 29 Sept 2017.

PENAMPANG – Penampang candidates for confirmation on their way to St Michael here for the ceremony were undeterred by flash floods on 29 Sept 2017.

The 158 candidates came from Kibabaig, Kolopis, Nampasan, Kambau, and Penampang-Dambai including St Michael Secondary School.

One hundred and three candidates had to battle the strong current at Kg Dabak which had reached almost five feet high along the lower level of the 200-metre long Jalan St Michael before going uphill to the church with the help of 4×4 motorists who responded to the situation.


Those who were stranded by the traffic snarl caused by impassable roads and did not make it were, among others, students of SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin waiting to be transported to the church about three km distant away.  They and others received the sacrament at St Aloysius Church Limbanak on Oct 10.

Archbishop John Wong presided at the Mass, which was concelebrated with Fathers Wilfred Atin and Wiandigool Runsab.

The inclement weather did not dampen the joy of the celebration.  However, the planned  blessing of the  gigantic 15- foot statue of St Michael the Archangel had to be postponed to another date which has yet to be confirmed. – Soccom Penampang

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