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Paparians commemorate Malaysia Day with Mass and flag-hoisting ceremony

All sing the national and state anthems at the flag hoisting ceremony after Mass, St Joseph Papar, 16 Sept 2017.

PAPAR – Parishioners commemorated 54th Malaysia Day with Holy Mass and flag-hoisting ceremony on 16 Sept 2017 at St Joseph’s Church here.

In his homily, Father Rayner Bisius read the National Day message from the Christian Federation of Malaysian (CFM) dated  28 Aug 2017 urging Malaysians to rise above petty self-interests.

This message is relevant to the current situation wherein both Papar and Limbahau Parishes are embarking on a critical pastoral programme Keluarga, KKD dan Gereja Ku (KKG) as a measure of tackling one of the three pastoral issues highlighted at the 2015 PAX Assembly.

Without a doubt one of the more serious threats is apathy. Fr Bisius said that no matter how many spiritual engagements, concerts, seminars, youth camps or countless retreats one has attended, all these would be meaningless if one does not pick up and carry one’s cross and use these spiritual activities to help others who are in need.

After Mass, all proceed to a simple flag hoisting ceremony outside accompanied by the SMK St Joseph Brass Band where everyone sang the National and Sabah State Anthems. – William Charles Mindus (SOCCOM Papar-Limbahau)

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