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Mt Rosary pilgrimage site draws thousands

RANAU – Over two thousand Catholics from across Sabah as well as the neighboring state gathered for the Mt Rosary pilgrimage in Kg Toboh Baru Ranau after walking in a procession for more than two kilometers here on Friday 31 Aug 2018.

Ranau parish priest, Fr Nicholas Stephen told those who came that miracles do happen everyday, but the real miracle that happened on this Friday event was that people from all corners were able to come to Mt Rosary.

“Not all people who have money, cars and possessions could come here if it is not for God who called them. That is why today, you are the miracle, because out of everyone else, you came here today.

“We are fortunate today because we are given time to take part in this procession as we carry along with us the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, which was also processed across the villages in Ranau last year.

“Through the procession last year, many prayers were answered, families that were separated by all sorts of circumstances were united together, and many people who have lost their faith were reconciled and found their way home,” he said.

During his homily at Mass on Mt Rosary, Fr Nick spoke about how as Christian believers, we are called to embrace the cross of Jesus, which others viewed mockingly.

One of those met during the pilgrimage, Hillary Henry Ripan from St Theresa Parish, Serian Sarawak said the Mt Rosary pilgrimage is an experience that he would not forget.

Such was the experience of joy and blessedness shared by those who came, from far and near.  To top the blessings, the Lord has also blessed the pilgrims with fine weather throughout the pilgrimage journey here.

For another pilgrim, Rustina Amburus and her group from St Anthony of Padua Nunuk Ragang, Ranau Parish, their love for Jesus brought them here despite many obstacles that would have weakened the hearts of others.

“Truly our journey here was blessed because of many obstacles that came our way. Firstly, the only car we could find for the journey was a faulty car. For example, while traveling uphill, the engine stopped a few times.

“In spite of the problematic transportation, we could not contain the growing excitement within us because of our longing for Christ, and belief that He has called us to be here,” she said.

After a 2.5 kilometer procession with the statue of Our Lady from Kg Tambiau to the Mt Rosary in Kg Toboh Baru, many pilgrims admitted that they were uplifted beyond their expectation.

Pamela Esther Mosinoh from St John Tuaran said she was impressed by what the little community here has done in transforming the area within a short span of time to become a place of worship and devotion.

“I believe that this Mt Rosary will one day become an important pilgrimage site. I sense that this will be a place where the faith of many today as well as in the future, will be restored,” she said.

After Mass on Mt Rosary, Fr Nick signed a plaque symbolizing the opening of the Mt Rosary Kg Toboh Baru Ranau as a pilgrimage site for all, and those who are interested to know more could contact the SPCR office at 011-26271801. – Clarence Dol

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