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‘Walk for Jesus’ brings Christians together to pray for the nation

The Walk for Jesus brings together Christians of all ages including a toddler in his baby carriage, 27 Aug 2017, KK.

KOTA KINABALU — The Walk for Jesus, a biannual event organised jointly by the Prison Fellowship Malaysia and the Sabah Council of Churches, has brought Christians from all backgrounds to walk in unity while praying for the nation.

The theme for this year’s walk is ‘The Way Forward,’ and took place simultaneously in 22 towns across Sabah on 27 August 2017 beginning at 4 pm with an estimated crowd of 25,400 participants.

After a short praise and worship session, Bishop Melter Tais of the Anglican Diocese of Sabah thanked and encouraged the crowd of approximately 3500-4000 participants to pray for the country.

Mayor Yeo Boon Hai of Kota Kinabalu (KK) thanked the organisers and gave some words of encouragement to the participants before flagging off the walk at the Padang Merdeka.

The 2.4 km route started from Padang Merdeka to KK City and back to Padang Merdeka while praying for the civil leaders, the law enforcement officers, the police, army, for fair and just ruling and administration, for conversion of hearts, for good education system, for racial and religious harmony as well as for the unity of the churches to be the salt and light of the world.

The participants – young and old – enjoyed the walk in spite of the inclement weather.

The event ended with another short praise and worship session before Father Thomas Yip said the closing prayer.

Funds raised during the walk would be channeled to support the ministerial work of the Sabah Council of Churches, the activities of the Interchurch statewide, Pastors Fellowship of Kota Kinabalu, Commission of Sabah Affairs and Prison Fellowship Malaysia (Sabah).

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