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South Sudan has reached ‘catastrophic’ humanitarian situation

Girl admitted due to malnutrition in St Theresa Mission Hospital. Photo by Caritas Torit

TORIT, South Sudan – The director of Caritas in the Diocese of Torit, South Sudan, spoke of famine brought on by drought and war on 28 Feb 2017.

“The humanitarian situation in Torit is getting to a catastrophic stage,” said William Okot de Toby. “Hunger is the order of the day, and the worst is expected.”

Toby continued, “There are signs of hunger on the faces and tired bodies of the people, especially the common man who has nothing to survive on. There is no food in the market and the little available the common person cannot afford. The prices are extremely high. The number of malnourished children is increasing.”

He added, “The international community is the only hope. The situation has reached a stage to send messages of ‘SOS’. The international community should not wait to intervene until they see dead bodies of people from hunger. Do it now.”

Parts of South Sudan face famine due to an ongoing civil war, collapse of law and order and drought. – Caritas Internationalis

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