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April 22: International Earth Day

earth dayLet’s get planting.
Over the next five years, as Earth Day moves closer to its 50th anniversary, we’re calling on you to help us achieve one of our most ambitious goals yet —we’re planting 7.8 billion trees and we’re starting now.
Trees will be the first of five major goals we are undertaking in honor of the five-year countdown to our 50th anniversary. On their own and together, these initiatives will make a significant and measurable impact on the Earth and will serve as the foundation of a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable planet for all.
Why Trees?
Trees help combat climate change… absorb excess and harmful CO2 from our atmosphere… help us breathe clean air… absorb odors and pollutant gases…
Trees help communities achieve long-term economic and environmental sustainability and provide food, energy and income.
– Friday, April 22nd, is the 46th Mother Earth Day

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