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SVD priest facilitates annual clergy retreat

BUNDU TUHAN – Father John Prior of the Divine Word Society facilitated the annual clergy retreat at the Bundu Tuhan Retreat Centre here on 15-18 Sept 2014.

Anything can distract a person from God; both in the physical and spiritual realm.  Priestly life, though dedicated to serving and loving God, can also be affected.  Priests are also distracted from the very source of their vocation because of their busy schedule, with many things to be done and many people to be served. This is the very reason that priests are in need of their annual retreat to listen to God’s Word and to support and encourage each other in their common vocation.

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The Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation Dei Verbum

DeiVerbumThe first constitution to be approved by the Second Vatican Council was the Constitution on the Liturgy, but it is Dei Verbum, the Constitution on Revelation, which reveals most clearly the change in attitude that happened at the Council, because it brought about a change in the way Revelation came to be conceived and taught by the Council. This change in attitude marks all the documents of the Council and gave to the post-Vatican 2 Church a new vision of its mission in the world. It is this change in attitude that remains the great challenge that the Council still presents us with today.

The Constitution, Verbum Dei, speaks of the three guidelines of our Faith: Scripture, Tradition, and the Magisterium and also of the relationship between the three. However, because of historical reasons, right up to the eve of Vatican 2, the impression was given that the source of faith consisted in consulting the Magisterium.

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JWG Camp cum Retreat draws 145 participants

BUNDU TUHAN – One hundred and forty-five participants, comprising Primary 5 & 6 students and facilitators of the Joyful Weekend Gathering (Sunday School), as well as Children’s Liturgy English & Bahasa facilitators from the parish of Stella Maris, Tg Aru, attended a 3-day 2-night camp cum retreat at Bundu Tuhan Retreat Centre Mar 24-26.

This camp, organized for the second year, focused on Lenten themes as it was held during the season of Lent. Neil Mah, Catechetical Coordinator of the parish, facilitated as retreat master.

In the first session the children in their groupings were tasked to find out the saint’s date of birth and birth place, his/her life story, date of death, date of their feast day in the Church calendar and group(s) that they are patron of. This activity is made more interesting this year as more than half of the saints used were Asian and African saints.

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LifeTeen camp focuses on what makes a hero

KG NATAI, TELIPOK – When one mentions the word ‘hero’, what comes into mind? Superman? Captain America?

What makes a hero? What does it take to become one? Almost four hundred youths gathered for a weekend to answer these questions and discover the hero in them. With the theme “JPII: Unleash the Hero in You”, this year’s Life Teen Camp was a combination of adrenaline-pumping activities and spiritual revival.

With much anticipation, participants set off for Adventure Cultural Village (ACV) at Kampung Natai, Telipok on 22 Mar 2014. After an hour’s long journey, we arrived at our destination. Despite the warm weather, everyone was in high spirit especially when they saw tents set up for them and the clear, running river!  Participants were given a sneak peek of the exciting adventures lined up for them by Terence Dolinting, the director of ACV. During the night, the lay speaker, Alvin Teoh from Kuala Lumpur caught our attention with his personal and inspiring stories while touching on the topic of self identity. Using our Camp Saint, Blessed John Paul II as a model, he explained that we are destined for greatness if only we do the will of our Great God. We went to bed that night ready to take on tomorrow’s obstacles.

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Pioneer Malaysian media educationist elected Signis vice president

ROME – Pioneer Malaysian media educationist Lawrence John Sinniah (aka Eljay) was elected on 1 Mar 2014  a vice president of Signis, the World Catholic Association for Communication.

He will serve for four years (2014-2017) in the Signis Board of Directors led by incoming president Gustavo Andújar of Cuba. The other vice president is Frank Frost of the USA.

The new Signis board was elected at the end of the Signis World Congress (SWC) held in Rome from 25 Feb to 1 March. The theme of SWC was Media for a Culture of Peace: Creating Images with the New Generation.

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Brother Ben marks 60 years as Mill Hill Missionary

BUNDU TUHAN – It has been sixty years since Brother Benedict Martin Snoeren mhm, fondly known as Bro Ben,  made his final profession as a lay brother of the Mill Hill Missionary Society.

In gratitude of his missionary work, the community of St Pius X Parish, Bundu Tuhan, where he has been serving for the last 57 years, celebrated his diamond jubilee with a Eucharistic celebration, followed by dinner at the Kinabalu National Park on the feast of the Solemnity of St Joseph Mar 19. It was a most significant day indeed as St Joseph is also the patron saint of the Mill Hill Missionaries.

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SSC Likas holds Lenten retreat on healing

LIKAS – A Lenten Retreat was held at St Simon Church Likas 20-23 Mar 2014 on “The Most Excellent Healing”.

The Retreat was conducted by the team from Putri Karmel comprising of Sr Maximillian Soon, Sr Geraldine, Sr Roswita, Brother Bosco and Brother Evan.

The talks focussed on the nature and effects of the 7 capital sins: Pride, Envy, Anger, Sloth, Gluttony, Covetousness, and Lust, which are great spiritual blocks that inhibit our relationship with God and one another.

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Easter message by Bishop Julius Gitom

htc 3op“I know you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified…he has risen from

the dead…Go and tell my brothers that they must leave for Galilee.

There they will see me.” (cf Matt 28:5, 7, 10)


Dear Brothers and Sisters

Give thanks for Easter! Give thanks for Resurrection!

The wonder of Resurrection is upon us once more. Christ is risen, death is vanquished and we are restored to a holy and intimate relationship with God.

Light has conquered darkness, life upon death and newness upon the old. The Resurrection of Jesus is the crowning truth of our faith in Christ as the Apostle Paul said in 1 Cor 15:14, ‘If Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain.’  May we then embrace God’s ever-new life with our whole being.

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Strengthening marriage through Marriage Enrichment

Marriage enrichment 1opTAWAU – Marriage life has somehow become the one issue that is being neglected. Most married couples or family take marriage life for granted. They are unaware of the need to be renewed spiritually.

The Family Life Ministry of Holy Trinity parish organized a one-day session on ‘Marriage Enrichment’ for 14 married couples at St Stephen Tass Ranggu, one of the outstation chapels of Holy Trinity parish Mar 29.

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