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‘Book of Ruth’ comes alive for SHC movie buffs

A section of the audience on movie night, 8 June 2018, held in conjunction with Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish Fiesta at the parish centre Karamunsing.  The movie screened was “The Book of Ruth: Journey of Faith” – a 2009 American Biblical film directed by Stephen Patrick Walker.

KOTA KINABALU – The Book of Ruth came alive for Sacred Heart Cathedral parish movie buffs on 8 June 2018 with the screening of biblical movie The Book of Ruth: Journey of Faith at the Sacred Heart Parish Centre here.

The Book of Ruth: Journey of Faith is a 2oo9 American Christian film directed by Stephen Patrick Walker.

A biblical Cinderella story, it is seen through the eyes of a young widow Ruth as she leaves her homeland Moab to Israel in search of a better life. Upon reaching Israel, she is swept off her feet by a wealthy royal Boaz which ultimately leads to her destiny as the grandmother of King David.  Powerful themes of tolerance and acceptance gained through love and understanding shine in this production.

Bible movies are about as old as Hollywood itself. From black and white silent films all the way to present day, the Bible remains a popular source of material for movie producers to mine every few years. Their results of success are mixed. Some become cemented classics, while others drift into a well-deserved obscurity. Unsurprisingly, they’re also lightning rods for criticism and controversy, some drawing crowds and others getting banned outright.

Earlier, the Ten Commandments was screened: Part I on February 25 and Part II on March 4. Other future biblical movies to be screened are Jacob, Samson & Delilah, Jeremiah, Esther, and St Peter.

The event was organised by the parish social communications committee (SOCCOM) as part of the weeklong parish fiesta. The SOCCOM committee organises regular movie screenings as one of its activities.

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