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Embracing 24 Years of Divine Calling

TERAWI – An aura of joy permeates the air on February 12, 2024. Reverend Father Michael Modoit, affectionately known as the calm but firm “shepherd” of HNPT Rector, marked a remarkable milestone—his 24th Sacerdotal Anniversary.

The celebration brought together not only the Terawi community but also priests; Rev. Fr Jack Johimi (Asst. Rector), Rev. Fr Tony Mojiwat (Asst. Priest of St Pius Church Bundu Tuhan), Rev. Fr Ned Moujing (Asst. Priest Ranau) and Seminarian Jeremiah, family, friends, and parishioners. Rev. Fr. Michael led the congregation in a Thanksgiving Mass that resonated with gratitude and a deep sense of purpose.

Left to Right: Rev. Fr Jack Johimi (Asst. Rector), Rev. Fr Tony Mojiwat (Asst. Priest of St Pius Church Bundu Tuhan) and
Rev. Fr Ned Moujing (Asst. Priest St Peter Claver, Ranau), Rev. Fr. Michael Modoit

In his captivating homily, Rev. Fr. Michael reminisced the journey of his divine calling, by sharing insights from the Book of Mark 8:11-13. He eloquently expressed, “God’s presence in my life was apparent when I was ordained as a priest on that memorable February 12, 2000, after navigating through two (2) years of Philosophy, four (4) years of Theology, and finally, ordination as a Deacon in March 1999.”

The jubilant assembly moved to St. Joseph Hall for a simple thanksgiving dinner that echoed with laughter, music, and heartfelt conversations.

Entertainment took centre stage, featuring vibrant performances from the four (4) churches; HNPT, St Peter Tombovo, Our Lady of Fatima Talang Taun and St Simon Duvanson, spirited youths, and even a showcase by the celebrated man of the hour, Rev. Fr. Michael himself. The atmosphere was joyous through every corner of the hall.

Adding an element of surprise, angpows were distributed to lucky recipients, creating an air of anticipation and togetherness. The event adjourned with a closing prayer delivered by Asst. Rector, Fr. Jack Johimi, leaving everyone with a sense of spiritual fulfilment and gratitude.

In embracing 24 years of his Sacerdotal Anniversary, Rev. Fr. Michael Modoit not only celebrated a personal milestone but also showcased the enduring spirit of faith, community, and the profound impact of God’s presence in his remarkable journey. The Terawi community continues to be inspired by their beloved shepherd, looking forward to many more years of shared blessings and divine celebrations. – Clarissa Mijin (HNPT Soccom)

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