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SRS Datuk Simon Fung celebrates 29th Awards and Graduation night

A dance performance by some of the students at the Graduation Night, 22 Nov 2016, Yayasan Sabah.

LIKAS – SRS Datuk Simon Fung celebrated its 29th Awards and Graduation Night themed “Beats around the World,” on 22 Nov 2016 at the Yayasan Sabah Auditorium here.

The colourful dances were choreographed to a music selection from African music, Michael Jackson’s song and other English songs, and performed by primary one to primary six students and the learning centre students,

Seventy-three primary six students were presented certificates for completing their primary education this year. In the recent UPSR examination, 82% of the primary six students scored for all subjects. Meanwhile the best result from the school was achieved by two students scoring 5 As and 1 B.

The school also awarded several outstanding achievements for best students and the most improved students, as well as appreciation to the school prefects and parents.

This year’s Sports Girl Award went to Sharifah Dickerson for her outstanding achievement in swimming. Meanwhile the Sports Boy Awards were clinched by two students: Muhd Yousuff B Muhd Yunus for swimming and Elijah Vincent for squash. This year also saw the final recipient of the special Swami-Rathinambal Award, which went to Jonathan Onol Moloyos.

Archbishop John Wong officiated the event. In attendance were the board chairman Msgr Primus Jouil, members of the BOG and former headmistress, Mary Lojinon Naun.

Archbishop Wong, who is also the head of the school’s Board of Trustees, congratulated SRS Datuk Simon Fung for achieving its first award of Standard Quality for Private Education Institution (SKIPS) from the Ministry of Education.

“This means that the quality of education provided by the school is now rated as ‘five-star’,” said the archbishop. He urged parents to enrol their children at Maktab Nasional which has also achieved the SKIPS rating for two consecutive years.

Touching on the rapid development of society today, he said that the fear of God must reign in the homes and in society in order to produce the right environment for the young to grow where morality is not compromised.

The archbishop reiterated that it is the adults’ duty to stop or even reverse the negative trends of development by educating the young people with the right values, attitudes and above all, instilling the fear of God in them.

He called on the teachers and parents to work together for the betterment of the children, and also with God, to go beyond academic excellence and inculcate a higher moral standard among the students, thus raising up a future generation of Sabahans to be God-fearing citizenry.

SRS Datuk Simon Fung carried out a fundraising project called ‘Readathon’ to finance part of the construction of the pick-up and drop-off point at the school. An amount of RM15,000 has reportedly been raised. Headmistress Winnie Voo said the sum is still far from the total amount of the project which costs RM145,000. Linda Edward

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