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CMI celebrates feast day with Marian procession

Three of the four wardens carrying the statue into the church during the entrance procession, CMI, 11 Dec 2016.  Photo: Hamin Tokou

BUKIT PADANG – The Church of Mary Immaculate here celebrated its feast day with a Marian procession on 11 Dec 2016.

Four  wardens carried the decorated Marian statue from the canteen to the church in the hot sunshine before the 9 am Mass.

Archbishop John Wong of Kota Kinabalu presided over the Mass, concelebrated with Father Joshua Liew and Korean Father Leo Choi Sangki.

After the Mass, the congregation adjourned to the canteen for a fellowship meal.

Earlier, some of the parishioners took time to prepare themselves spiritually for the event with a triduum of prayer Dec 6-8.

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