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Papar launches soft opening of catechetical centre


PAPAR – St Joseph Papar launched a soft opening of the newly completed Mother of Mercy Catechetical Centre here on 14 Aug 2016.

Pastor Fr Thomas Yip officiated the blessing ceremony, witnessed by scores of Sunday School children with their parents, PPC members and other parishioners.

The blessing ceremony began with the recitation of three decades of the Rosary from Fr John Tsung Hall, followed by a simple procession made up of Sunday School children, parents and parishioners. The statue of Mother Mary was solemnly carried while the Ave Maria was sung, and the procession moved slowly towards the centre. On reaching the centre, the remaining two decades of the Rosary were recited and concluded with the song Ku Tetap Cinta Yesus.

The Sunday School teachers then led the children to their designated classrooms, while the parents and other parishioners went round to view the twelve classrooms, each bearing the name of one of the Twelve Apostles.   It has also an office.

The construction of the double-storey building started on 4 Oct 2015 with an initial projected cost of RM450,000.  The rising costs of building materials and other related furnishing costs necessitated fundraising projects.

The first fundraising event was a Christmas Charity Dinner, mooted by Fr Yip.  It raised RM90,000.  The second fundraiser, a bazaar held on 16 Apr 2016, brought in RM15,000.  Generous and kind donors and sponsors contributed to the furnishing cost.  The project was completed and handed over on Aug 3.

The official blessing will be officiated by Archbishop John Wong on Oct 22, on his way to his pastoral visit to Holy Rosary Limbahau.




SOCCOM St Joseph Papar

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