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Maktab Nasional stages another musical theatre


LIKAS – Maktab Nasional staged another musical theatre entitled Meant to Be at the Tun Ahmad Raffae Auditorium Yayasan Sabah here on 10-11 Sept 2016.

It was an original contemporary piece written by MN Musical Theatre Director Cindy Gadalon with all the students in mind, and co-directed with Jasmine Leong.  It was about living the life we are meant to live.

Maktab Nasional (MN), according to principal Alexander Funk, has, since its inception thirty years ago, “always believed in the value of nurturing students not only in the academic aspect but also in co-curricular activities, spiritual development, and artistic and musical expressions.”

As predicted by Gadalon, the entire cast and ensemble of Maktab Nasional, have worked very hard in making this year’s musical play and have earned for themselves many accolades on opening nights, under the leadership of principal Alexander Funk as producer and assistant producers Marrlina Maklin and Naimi Dinisumpanggul, and choreographers Debbie Ho and Nora Ridzwan.

In recent years, musical tastes appear to have shifted, with more contemporary titles moving up the list. Beginning with the first-ever piece in 1985 to go the route was staged after the movie The King and I. After a Variety Show Concert in 1987, it crossed over to the much beloved Disney’s The Wizard of Oz in 1992, My Fair Lady in 2002 and Beauty and the Beast in 2005, followed by original contemporary titles What a friend is in 1998, Summer Camp High in 2010 and Crazy Dreams in 2013.

Archbishop John Wong, accompanied by the Chairman of the Board of Governors, Msgr Primus Jouil, graced the second night of the musical production.

My favourite part of school days was musical theatre! True, I never basked in the glow of the main casts on stage, but I had fond memories of working behind the scenes, as stage crew. It was a unique experience.   We were closer to friends, we worked together for the play, it helped our English, we were never forced to be brave but built up our confidence slowly behind the scenes! It was fun all the way! Even when we had to do recording for the choir for the first time – that was a unique experience too! says Adyla (Alumni 2008).

Jackie Teh, mother of a Taska student, chipped in “I am so proud of the school. They have done well!” Teh beamed with pride as she revealed how her eldest child has excelled in the IELTS exam because she was able to learn English well since her primary days at SRS Datuk Simon Fung and through co-curricular activities such as the musical theatre. “If you want your children to be proficient in English, this is the school for them! Not only would they excel academically, they grow in confidence as well!” Teh felt convinced enough to vouch for the school!




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