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Kg Mandalipau Catholics get a new chapel


PAPAR – Saturday 11 June 2016 was a memorable day for the Catholic villagers of Kg Mandalipau, and for the Monfortian community, as they witnessed and participated in the blessing and opening of the newly built St Dominic Savio Chapel by Archbishop John Wong.

Montfort Youth Training Centre undertook the initiative as part of their outreach programme to build a new chapel for the villagers of Mandalipau. The Carpentry Trainees were actively involved in the furnishing of this new chapel, in which they, alongside their instructors, produced the pews as well as the furnishings.

The prelate blessed and dedicated the chapel during the Mass, which was concelebrated with parish priest Fr Thomas Yip, Fr Bruno Yasun and Fr Jimsy Julius Alex.

Also present for the joyous occasion were PPC members from both Limbahau and Papar parishes, Montfort Brothers and FSIC Sisters.

In his homily, Abp Wong highlighted on the life of St Barnabas, who dedicated his life to the Lord, and was a man “full of the Holy Spirit and faith.”  The prelate invited the congregation to open their hearts to be better Christians through the encouragement of the Holy Spirit, who will fill their hearts to spread the Goods News of the Lord.

In his turn, Felix Sumpongol, chairman of the pastoral committee of St Dominic Savio Chapel, said that the new chapel, after 55 years of existence, is a testament to God’s goodness.

He attested that it was a miracle that Montfort and its community went beyond their original request for assistance to build a community hall for the people of Kg Mandalipau. At the site inspection it was decided that more than anything else, the villagers needed a newer and more comfortable place of worship, and managed to source donors for the building of the chapel in spite of the economy downturn.

Abp  Wong in his speech thanked Montfort Youth Training Centre and its generous donors who took the leap in making the new chapel a reality. He hoped that the new chapel would be fully utilised by the people of Mandalipau to strengthen and to grow further in their faith.

Brother Gasper, representing the then Provincial Superior Bro Francis Chua, said that he (Bro Francis) was instrumental in many ways in the building of the chapel. He thanked the various donors whom they have approached, for their generosity and kindness in responding to their quest to build the new chapel, and hoped that the faith community of Mandalipau would grow in faith and not give in to temptations of the world.

The new chapel, which is bigger and more comfortable than the previous chapel, should draw even more members of the community to come forward to contribute to the work of evangelisation. – MYTC/William Charles

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