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Youth discuss Human Dignity in SYD-4

Each group of participants were given one topic and encouraged to share their thoughts with each other about it. To engage with participants about their role in making a difference, a few volunteers acted out the situations in a freeze frame style. The facilitator then invited anyone to “help out” or find a “solution” to the situations by changing the movements of the actors. Stephie Joseph Benedict, Programme Officer, Youth-PREP Centre


All galleries taught me about the little things that I do not care about, especially human dignity. It is easier for us to be ignorant about these issues when we think we are more privileged. I am aware about these issues, but what is my response? Is it enough to show sympathy only? This gallery made me realise I am God’s little agent of change and change must come from me first.  I need to get out of my comfort zone. Michelle Cornelius, St Mary’s Cathedral, Sandakan

 I remember most when the facilitator touched on cyber bullying. It is so common right now that every wrong thing or mistake will be all over the social media. It can be annoying and heart breaking because we do not know what actually happened. This message of awareness should be shared to all our friends and relatives.” Nealty Jaimes,   St John the Baptist, Sipitang

At the Sabah Youth Day, I dreamt of being a victim of violence. I felt so scared and helpless. This reminded me of the act in Gallery Walk 3 on sexual harassment. I think this is the call for me to not only value my own dignity but to be more aware of issues that are happening around me especially to my own friends and family.” Youth  of St Pius X, Bundu Tuhan

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