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Children learn about religious life


TAWAU – For the first time, a group of 30 Sunday school students aged 11 and 12 years together with their teachers visited St Clare’s Convent near Holy Trinity Parish on 3 July 2016. Weeks before, they were first given a lesson on the life of Saint Clare. The field trip to the convent named after the saint was indeed most appropriate as a means to strengthen the lesson given them.

The activity using a methodology involving art and environment, a part of creative catechesis, was initiated by the Sunday School teachers led by Cristine Liew. A few parents were present to lend their support.

The tour began at 10 am when Sr Liza Augustine fsic, the local animator of the convent, welcomed and greeted the group. She shared with them on the calling of religious life. She expressed her hope that some of the young children would be chosen to serve the Lord and the Church.

She said, “I hope that someday when you are a grown-up, you will consider and learn to listen what our loving Father, our God wants you to be and perhaps there will be among you who may want to join the religious order or become a priest. There is a crucial need for Chinese religious and priests to cater to the needs of the Chinese community.”

The students then made a tour of the convent led by Sr Liza  who gave a briefing on the convent, its background and development. They also said their prayer at the chapel of the convent. She encouraged them to make three wishes followed by reciting the Hail Mary three times.

The students ended their visit by saying the Rosary for the intentions of the Pope at the grotto of the convent.

The spiritual tour had helped to enhance their knowledge of St Clare and the religious life. The exposure was an opportunity for them to remember the religious Sisters who live among them in the community. Cristine Liew/photo by Stuart Lai

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