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KB youth raise substantial funding from Run For Health

kb fundraising

KOTA BELUD  – Youth of St Edmund Parish here managed to raise substantial funding from their first ever running event.  They started to gather in SK Tambulion school field as early as 5.45am for their first-ever 5km Run for Health on 30 Apr 2016. About 400 young people showed up in their running attire.

The run was a collaboration between St Edmund TPBP and St Dominic youth ministry in Tambulion. Kg Tambulion is located about 15 km from the town centre. Bazaar stalls selling various type of food and products were erected and a special corner for free health-check by Health Department was also available, not only for runners but also for the local community.

Flag-off was done by Fr Ambrose Atang slightly after 6.30am. One of the main purposes of the run was to raise funds for 63  SYD-4 participants from Kota Belud parish.

Nick Oliver, 22, said it was his first 5km run. He normally runs lesser distance than that. Nick was glad that he was able to support the youth who are going to Tawau, “It will help to lessen their financial worries,” he said.

Cyril Minjon Dominic, 24, came from Bundu Tuhan with his family of 10. He shared, “I’m happy to be here because I can meet some old friends.” On SYD-4, he said, “I hope the participants will be able to fully prepare themselves without worrying about funding.” He also commended the youth, under leadership of Alex Paulus Jiran, for a smooth event.

Besides the young people, the run was also participated by parents and other parishioners.

A local English teacher, who hailed from Kg Tambulion herself, Adelina said it was her second run. She was among the first to register for it. She said the funding was also obtained from rental of bazaar stalls’ and T-shirt selling. The T-shirt was sold at RM25 each.  She added that many people there could still afford to spend such amount of money.

Adelina expressed her hope, “I hope the SYD-4 participants will come back and share what they have learned there. Not many people here know and understand about the concept of SYD.”

The organising youth managed to raise an astonishing RM8,061.00 from the event. Jinuin Victor, 51, PPC Chairman, commended the youth and said, “When I see what they have accomplished today, I have confidence that they can do much bigger event than this. The victory is in their commitment and passion.”

Victor also commented on the need for more support from the older parishioners and line of Church leadership on any youth events.

On another note, St Edmund parish would hold their Mini-PAX in early June. Victor said all leaders of churches/chapels under the parish are expected to attend, including AJKs, catechists, communion ministers, youths and is open to other lay faithful.

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