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Youth feel honoured to host WCD 2016

Jill Jimmer, 24, said at first they did not understand the purpose of the celebration but after meetings with parish priest, Fr Michael, they started to gain a better idea and so they could plan and practice.

Usage of social media as a way to communicate is already widely practised among the youth in St Philip.

Herman Kunsian, 25, said, “I hope in this technology age, the youth will use social media responsibly. No matter how modern the tools are, we should not be careless in using it.”

Herman also said there are still many other ways to communicate aside from using smartphones.

Jill hoped in the spirit of celebrating WCD, all brothers and sisters will draw closer to each other not only in daily communication but also in prayer to God.

Marcilus Shaftang, 34, their youth leader, said, “This has opened our eyes to value communication with each other and from there, I hope it will pave for more cooperation among us.”

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