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Catholic Women ‘s Apostolate celebrates IWD with Parish Women’s Day

cwa celebrationSANDAKAN – International Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time in St Mary’s Cathedral parish with the theme “Celebrating Women’s Call” on 12 Mar 2016 at the parish hall. One hundred and eighteen women participated in the one-day programme organised by the Catholic Women’s Apostolate of the Cathedral parish here. Here’s a testimony from Anathasia Thomas who speaks of being affected by such an initiative of the parish for women:

I am grateful to celebrate Women’s Day because there are many new things that I have learned. Through the activities and with Sr Appollonia fsic to guide us through the Scriptures, I was able to understand and learn more deeply about the uniqueness of woman and how special woman is.

“I was deeply touched by the sharing session and the activities conducted by Sr Maria rgs on “Why are you crying?”  As a woman, I have experienced many bitter experiences since my childhood. I realised that there are more women who are suffering because of violence and inhuman attitude of some parties.

Through the activity of ‘The Cup of Life,’  I learn about the goodness of sharing the Word of God with other women. To share and reflect on God’s Word together, we will be able to edify one another. We will also be blessed if we mutually help each other.  – Sr Appollonia


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