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Two women share their unforgettable first-ever ‘holy’ experience

unforgetable experience

KOTA KINABALU – On 13 Mar 2016 a group of 14 from the Light of Jesus Christ Covenant Community formed part of the larger contingent of 640 Chinese speaking parishioners that went on a pilgrimage to St Patrick Church Membakut and Holy Rosay Church Limbahau, led by Archbishop John Wong.

It was a two-part pilgrimage, with the first part done a week earlier on Mar 6 when they made a pilgrimage to pass through the Holy Door at Sacred Heart Cathedral, in which the ceremony for the Entrance and Passing through the Holy Door was presided by the archbishop.

Monica Kong described the touching experience, “It was such a solemn moment. We were united in spirit as we silently proceeded to the cathedral while  chanting the Litany of Saints. Kneeling outside the Holy Door in prayer, I experienced a heartfelt joy of God’s reassurance of His great love and mercy for me, a sinner. I had the most keen sense of the presence of God enveloping me and was moved to tears, especially as we worshipped Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament during Adoration and Benediction. This was truly a blessed time for me.

Catherine Tham vividly recalled the moment she knelt down under the hot sun, “I felt the searing pain that came from contact with the burning cement floor, and instantly my heart cried out for the pain inflicted on the Father by my sins and realised His mercy is beyond measure; and now He had called me to be merciful like Him! No words could express my gratitude to God the Father for His merciful love, and for the privilege of passing through the Door of Mercy which meant so much to me.”

The pilgrimage at St Patrick Church Membakut and Holy Rosary Limbahau went through similar processions before passing through the Holy Doors. Despite the stifling hot sun beating down on them and the heat rising from the sun-baked ground, their hearts were filled with joy, and were humbled to experience a little bit of discomfort, compared with the sufferings of Jesus. Celebration of Mass, Adoration and Benediction were part of the pilgrimage experience.

It was truly a time of grace for the pilgrims and they prayed that the Holy Spirit would teach them to understand the “logic” of God, and be merciful like the Father. – Monica/Catherine

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