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Kulintangan player contributes to anniversary celebration

Enty plays the kulintangan.
Enty plays the kulintangan.

TELUPID – Julita Enty, a grandmother, 62, said she was glad to be part of the 8th Diocesan Anniversary celebration, contributing her share through music.

She hails from Kampung Bauto, a few kilometers from Telupid town. She shared that she started to play the kulintangan when she was still a teenager.

The kulintangan, a traditional musical instrument is always played accompanied by gongs.

What attracted her to develop  the skill of playing the kulintangan was simply the musical sound of the gong beats and to see people moving in tandem to it.

She expressed her disappointment that no young people today is keen to learn the traditional kulintangan and gong music. She wanted very much to pass down the skill to the young as she is getting older each year. She hopes that the traditional music will be kept alive and thus she is praying that some young people would come forth. She is ever willing to coach anyone interested in traditional music.

She is a member of the Catholic Women’s Apostolate and serves as a warden.  She hopes to be able to play the kulintangan again at the next diocesan anniversary. – DOSPO, DS


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