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IFFAsia holds Launching Mass for school year 2015

IFFA2QUEZON CITY – Fifteen students of IFFAsia Batch 9, coming from across Asia, attended the Launching Mass for the School Year 2015 at the Chapel, Radio Varitas Asia Feb 14. The new batch consists of students from eight countries: China, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.  On this day, the Rite of Commitment to the Lord was made by the students, and witnessed by more than 50 people who came to lend support.

The theme for the launching is ‘Live Christ! Share Christ.’ It is the call taken from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) Pastoral Exhortation on the Era of New Evangelization for the Year of the Poor, 2015.

By participating in the Launching Mass with friends from different parts of Asia, I felt much blessed and loved by the Lord for He has chosen me to be part of the 9th batch.

Apart from that, I was touched, moved and inspired by Pope Francis during the Youth Encounter in University Santo Thomas, Philippines, Jan 18 2015. I believed, in this time of my journey, Jesus is inviting me to find answers to these questions posed by Pope Francis during his visit:

1.  Have I learned how to weep?

2.  You and your friends help others but do you allow yourselves to receive help?

3.  Have I learned how to beg? Or am I self-sufficient?

4.  Do you know your own poverty and your need to receive?

5.  Do you ask the poor to give you the wisdom they have?

This special and precious call to spread and share the Father’s love which will unite all people and bring forth peace has awakened me. It has prompted me to move forward to share that love. I am beginning to have a different perspective in life, centered on love. I am grateful to God for all the blessings that God has showered upon me.

I believe this academic year will give me a lot of surprises, like what Pope Francis said, ‘God reveals himself through surprises.’ I am ready. I am ready and will be more courageous to “Live Christ!” and “Share Christ!” – Jellferlyne Joseph Dipal

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