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90 graduate from Shan Tao Kindergarten

IMG_5118KOTA KINABALU (CS) –  Nov 14 saw 90 little grads donning gowns marched up the stage of the Putera Theatre Grand Ballroom to commence their annual kindergarten graduation, witnessed and accompanied by the proud smiles of parents and teachers.

Shan Tao Kindergarten School once again celebrated the young graduates who have completed Kindergarten and are ready to move into Primary One the following year with their annual Graduation and Concert Night.   Besides celebrating the graduates from Watermelon, Cherry and Orange classes, 21 students were also given Excellent Awards.

The event was officiated by YB Datuk Edward Yong, Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister. Present for the occasion were Datin Wong Siew Lee, Fr Rhobby Mojolou, Sr Cecilia Wong, Chairman of the School Board Mr Charlie Chia, schools principals, donors and parents.

Datuk Edward Yong emphasized that education is important for the development of society and that it is a key component of the country’s future. Kindergarten education is given priority in the government’s education blueprint. He commended the school for their hard work in providing the young children with the necessary knowledge and underscored that the 90 graduates are the future of Malaysia who would be pillars for the development of the nation.

Meanwhile, Irene Chai, headmistress of Shan Tao, expressed her gratitude towards the teachers, parents, donors and friends for their supportive role.

A fitting conclusion to the evening, 8 young graduates stepped up bravely to say ‘thank you’, ‘terima kasih’ and ‘xie xie ni’ to their teachers and to bid them farewell (pic). – Linda Edward


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