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Inanam organises fellowship to mark pastors’ anniversaries

Fr David + 2 othweINANAM – In a show of support and love for their shepherds, St Catherine Parish organised a fellowship dinner in conjunction with the Feast of Christ the King 25 Nov 2014 to celebrate the triple sacerdotal ordination anniversaries of Fr David Sham and his assistants, Fr Paul Lo and Fr Rayner Bisius.

Fr David, rector of the parish, has celebrated 8 anniversaries since his posting to St Catherine, this year being his 29th.   With the recent posting to the parish of Fr Paul and Fr Rayner, the parishioners for the first time celebrated with them their 9th and 5th anniversaries respectively together with Fr David.

The celebration besides enhancing relationship between pastors and the faithful, creates opportunities for the various communities to showcase their hidden talents with dances, karaoke and live band performances. – Michael Guntili


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