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SRS Datuk Simon Fung to regard teaching staff as ‘formators’

IMG_5365KOTA KINABALU (CS) – The mission of the church, through the provision of education, is not only to help the young to have a solid academic foundation, but above all to build the moral character of the individual. To do that, there is a need to treat students as persons who are growing up, and who need to be properly nurtured in character, and in wisdom and knowledge.

Archbishop John Wong underscored this message at the 27th Annual Speech Night for SRS Datuk Simon Fung held in Dewan Tun Raffae, Menara Tun Mustapha Nov 18.  He emphasized the need for every child to be treated with respect and love from an early age, in order that the child might do likewise to others as he grows older. For this reason, Archbishop John Wong regards the teaching staff not only as ‘teachers’ but also as ‘formators’.

Going further, he encouraged the teachers to do their best to show the way through a holistic approach in the formation of the young for each has the responsibility to prepare a new generation that can transcend racial and religious differences, socio-economic background and accept one another as brothers and sisters.

81 Primary Six students graduated this year.  SRS Datuk Simon Fung has also achieved a number of awards and medals in both academic and sports co-curriculum, in which headmistress Mary Lojinon-Naun regarded the year as challenging yet rewarding for the school.

The production of a musical play entitled “Toy Tales The Musical” was the highlight for the school year, an accomplishment that they were proud of.  ”It is our mission to harness potential of talents God has given to our children,” said Lojinon-Naun.

She congratulated her academic and non-academic staff for their dedication and industrious spirit in the pursuit of holistic excellence, as well as parents and guardians for their continuous and committed support and understanding. Linda Edward

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