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Stella Maris organises Youth Evanglising Youth 2

2014-09-28 12.06.06TANJUNG ARU – Last year Stella Maris Parish launched for the first time a programme entitled ‘Youth Evanglising Youth’.

The objective of the Youth Evangelizing Youth programme is to let ‘youth evangelise youth’ and taking to heart the words of Pope Francis in his homily at WYD Rio Jul29, 2013 “the best instrument to evangelise young people is other young people”.

This year, the Bible class  comprising 20 students facilitated Levels 7 (Form1 ) and 8 (Form 2) during the JWG on Sunday, Sep 27. There were altogether 6 classes 3 in each level, with a total of 150 students age from 13 to 14.

The Class teachers said that it was so refreshing to have young people teach the class as their approach and teaching styles are so different and ‘untraditional’. The students and their young facilitators had fun and enjoyed interacting with each other.

What is more important is that these youths are role models for the younger students. Seeing and listening to their seniors talk so passionately about Jesus  and their faith would impact them. On the other hand, the Bible class students in their preparation for their teaching assignments, would have spent time reflecting on God and their faith. As these students would be leaving home for their academic advancement next year, the teachers hoped that this experience would help them to remain firm in their faith.

The teachers also hoped to have sown the seeds for the Bible class students to be  future JWG teachers. – Susie Willie

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