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SYCC celebrates 30th anniversary

SANDAKAN – The Star of Yahweh Covenant Community (SYCC) celebrated their 30th anniversary at a popular restaurant Aug 30.

Gregory Quadra, the MC for the event, recalled the formation of SYCC, formalized on August 19, 1984 and launched by the late Ray Stewart and his wife, Anna, of the Emmanuel Covenant Community based in Brisbane, Australia.

Quadra reminded that on the memorable occasion of the inauguration of the community, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky, a clear sign of the promise of God to bless the community.

The presiding elder, Michael Lee in his welcoming speech, said that SYCC has gone through many trials and tribulations throughout its long and amazing journey. For 30 years, members of the community have been holding on together in faith, and coming together to meet faithfully weekly. The journey has been challenging yet enriching and fulfilling. Members have experienced both joy and disappointment in their journey with the Lord.

The commitment of members, giving priority to the community in all aspects of life, is important to maintain and sustain community life.

Apart from cementing a good relationship bonding, members are to accept one another regardless of background and cultures, and be united to commit to serve God as one body and in one spirit. Members encourage and build each other up, to remain faithful to the Lord, in words and in deeds.

Some of the activities that were carried out during the year were charity work, providing pastoral care to the faithful in the Paitan Missionary area, and conducting Life in the Spirit Seminar.

Enlightening and inspiring sharings on their journey in community came from Sr Carmen Cordova fsic, who was a single member of the SYCC single ladies’ group before joining the Religious, and Nelson Mosinoh, who grew up in the community.

Joining them for the celebration were ex-presiding elder, Henry Solibun and his wife, Rose, and the Parish Pastoral Council Chairman, Pilis Malim.

The guest of honour, Fr Sunny Chung, led the opening prayer and graced the cake cutting ceremony together with the elders of SYCC, Michael Lee, Michael Lai and Philip Mosinoh.

The celebration was memorable with much joy and fun.


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