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Keningau youth describes having lunch with pope as God’s gift

10374853_835737113117027_278507426257577611_nDAEJEON, South Korea – Aug 15, 2014 was my most awaited day when I would receive my ‘gift’. I had mixed feelings of nervousness and joy at the same time. Sixteen youth delegates representing each Asian country and I, including Boa, a Korean artist, were asked to wait in a specially prepared room.

“He is here! The Pope is here!” My heart was overwhelmed with tremendous joy seeing him arriving in the midst of us. We welcomed him with great enthusiasm.

10538414_841831855840886_1003934305172581158_nIt’s beyond my imagination to sit down with the Pope and have lunch with him. This is truly a gift from God. I shared with the Pope on the religious issues we were currently facing in Malaysia such as the issue on the word ‘Allah’.  His response was so encouraging. He said, “We must not use God’s name for war or for disunity, but we must use His name for peace!”

The Pope also conveyed an important message to us, “Wake up, Asian youth!  Do not be afraid to continue the mission of Christ.”

Although I did not have the opportunity to have a ‘selfie’ with the Pope, nevertheless I was privileged to shake and kiss his hands, giving him a hug and to receive blessings from the Pope himself!  Furthermore, to have a meal with the Pope is also a once in a lifetime opportunity. This, for me, is already a beautiful memory and truly a meaningful gift from AYD6! – Becker Ray Benedict, Youth representative from Keningau Diocese

Melania:  True friendship blooms in AYD6

erDAEJEON, South Korea – There were many activities that enabled us to gather with friends from other Asian countries.  At AYD we have the opportunity to know and to share our stories with each other. Although we were different in languages and cultures, these did not hinder true friendships from blooming.

AYD 6 has truly united all participants from many different countries across Asia. Through this gathering of youth, the love of Christ would blossom through the spirit of friendship and through experiences shared together. – Melania Timun, Archdiocesan Single Adult and Youth Office, Kuala Lumpur

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