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Anak Negeri Christians continue to raise the “MAMANGKIS” as ONE voice

IMG-20140808-WA0038LIMBAHAU:  Over two hundred Anak Negeri Christians from all churches gathered in the Dewan Fr Amandus, Holy Rosary Church Limbahau, Papar on Aug 8-9 for the “Mamangkis” gathering.

Pastor Esther Golingi of Maranatha church, the overall head of PAN, was present together with other church leaders from Kota Kinabalu and neighbouring districts.

There was such a great experience of unity amongst the people in praise and worship, sharing, and cultural presentations. The Papar Inter-Church Committee comprising pastors from SIB, Anglican, BCCM and representatives from the Catholic Church spearheaded the gathering.

SIB Pastor Jerry Dusing shared the Word on the first night. He urged those present to put their trust in God in their journey with Him in this beautiful land. The next morning, a young lawyer briefed the gathering on the rights and responsibilities of the Anak Negeri in securing their land. She said the “Mamangkis” (warrior cry) is a cry to God for His help and protection over His people whose rights are being threatened by arbitrarily decisions of the authorities. This was followed by an inspiring testimony by Pastor Alfred, the BM coordinator of the Sabah churches in Semenanjung, on the ongoing court cases faced by the churches. The gathering ended with the reading of Archbishop John Wong’s Statement by Fr Alex Jimsy, the assistant rector of Limbahau parish. (See separately the full text of this Statement)

PAN, or Perpaduan Anak Negeri, is a movement initiated by some indigenous Christian pastors in Sabah two years ago. The movement is seen as a journey of God with His people in the land, the indigenous, who as gatekeepers, are called to spiritually cleanse, liberate and restore the land for the kingdom of God to be established.

Biblically, gatekeepers are responsible to have dominion to guard and watch over the land where God has placed them. A gatekeeper has more authority than a watchman, physically speaking. They guard the land from any foreign intrusions that are demonic. A gatekeeper is also responsible to give people warning and draw their attention to what God is saying to them. PAN believes that the Anak Negeri in Sabah are the ones who are entrusted as gatekeepers. They have the authority to open and to close the spiritual gate of the land, because they hold the key to that door.

The first PAN gathering was held in May 2012 in Wisma SIB, Likas. Its main purpose was to prepare the hearts of the Anak Negeri Christians and give them the understanding of the significance of their role in the nation. From thence the movement spread to other districts in Sabah. – Daniel Kong

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