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RAY organises 12th Holy Spirit Camp

10429224_10152575062333530_2697776493522891955_nBUNDU TUHAN – The Youth Ministry of the Light of Jesus Christ Covenant Community, known as the Royal Ambassadors Youth (RAY), organized their annual Holy Spirit Camp, which is the 12th edition this year, at Bundu Tuhan Retreat Center Jun 13-15. Throughout the years in our ministry, we had the privilege of witnessing lives of teenagers being changed by God Himself, and this year, God once again proved Himself to be a God who is unfailing and alive. Here are some testimonies given by those who attended the camp. All praise and honor be to God alone! – Contributed by Aline Lim


One Chosen by God

After attending Holy Spirit Camp for the last 3 years, this year’s camp was truly a wonderful experience for me. It’s amazing to know that God wants me and has chosen me. It was a blessing when He revealed a few things to me. One of it was during the inner healing session, I saw an image of an angel as if God was telling me to cast all my cares and worries on Him for He has sent me an angel to guide me. I’m just really thankful that I was His chosen one. I could have been a lost sheep or one of those who has never experienced God. But, here I am, testifying in His Name. Through this camp, I appreciate what it means to be His instrument. I am privileged to be the one chosen by God. – Phoebe Ann Herman



I really like this year’s camp theme “The One” because I can relate to it. All this while, I’ve always thought that coming to God means bothering Him and disturbing Him as He is a Father and God to everyone else. I felt like I had no place among His people so I have always hidden from Him.

At the camp this year I learnt that God is great enough to actually reach out to every single person in His own special way. He is present in everything I do. He’s not busy at all when it comes to me. He is mine and I am His. I am the one He wants to love. He chose me to be His daughter; the one that shines His light to others, the one that seeks Him always. I am THE ONE!

I’m really grateful and amazed at how much closer I am to God after the camp. Every time I seek Him now, I do it freely. There are no more thoughts that I am disturbing Him because I am the one He’s waiting for. I feel that now I enjoy a closer relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and the Blessed Mother too. I’m happy to know that all my prayers are heard and I have a place of belonging.  – Adrianna Jumin



RAY Holy Spirit Camp 2014 has been an extraordinary camp for me because this is the first time I participated in the camp as a camp helper. Therefore, my experience was from a different angle as compared to the years before.

I was really happy to see how much the participants involved themselves in each session, and what God did during the pray over session was really beautiful. The faith and energy that the participants exhibited during praise and worship inspired me in many ways and drew me closer to God. Their faith reminded me of why I too must sing and dance for Jesus wholeheartedly.

After this camp, my faith in God is strengthened and I learned the importance to appreciate and “feed” my soul regularly. – Katrin Ching


Who’s the boss of my life

Let Jesus be the boss of your life.” These words could not stop repeating in my mind after encountering the question in a session talk: “Who is your boss now?”

Examples were given, and they were all related to my life. I didn’t realize that handphones and friendships were the bosses of my life before the RAY Holy Spirit Camp 2014 happening. It has never occurred to me to call Jesus my boss.

I could sense things were beginning to change, little by little. During a pray-over session I was assigned to pray with two others. The first girl whom I knew personally came to us and as we laid hands on her, she was ‘slained’. I didn’t really know why but tears started to form in my eyes. We carried on with many other teens until another girl whom I also knew, came and shared with us about her life, her parents and family. She too was ‘slained’ and again, I cried, this time much harder than the previous. After most teens were prayed over, the helpers prayed over each other and surprisingly, during my turn, I did not experience anything.  It wasn’t about the feeling; it was about the Holy Spirit.

That night, God has truly shown me His power to change the lives of many. Though I didn’t see any visions but somehow, God showed me how His Spirit works; through ‘realness’. You cannot fake your feelings when you are allowing the Spirit to come into your heart; you cannot simply put on a show for others to see.

This year I came to this camp with a special mission. This mission was to bring someone who is very special to me, back to God. I was really nervous. I didn’t know how things would work out and what would happen to her.

After the pray over session, I asked her if she asked to be prayed over, and she said no because she was too scared. At that very moment, I felt hopeless because I thought that my mission was going up in flames.  But deep down I know that God is an unfailing God and even if my mission seemed not to be entirely accomplished, I couldn’t be disappointed in Him simply because of what the Lord has done for me during that time.  I decided that this must be all God’s plans and that I just have to learn to trust Him.

After the camp concluded, this special girl told me that RAY Camp has changed her beliefs. She now believes that there is a God who would not fail her. Her life was not entirely changed but at least the seed of Christianity in her heart was planted and would continue to grow. What happened to her in the camp was between her and God, and on my side, He definitely did not just leave me alone to my mission.

I am happy to be His instrument, even if it is to change just one person’s life. Besides, I am living my life only because of my Saviour.  I am, after all, CHOSEN, CALLED, and COMMISSIONED to bear fruit that will last! The Royal Ambassadors Youth Holy Spirit Camp 2014 has shot up my confidence and faith in God. It was truly a memorable one, not only because of the fun we had, but also because of all the things that had happened through the Spirit. The camp has brought my life to a new level and I hope it’s the same for the rest of the 214 teenagers who were there. I really and truly give God the glory and praise for all He has done in the wonderful and amazing three days up there in His valley.

Here’s a quotation from St John Paul II that was mentioned in the camp: “You cannot be defined by your sins and weaknesses; your dignity cannot be assailed. The true identity of your being made in the image of God can only shine forth when you say ‘YES!’ to Jesus! Open your heart to the Redeemer.” – Sheryl Lim


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