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Three participants share their experiences of PBK-12

Canisius (1)Canisius Enus (Holy Family Telipok): I am blessed that this programme has discussed about the culture of death which is so important for the youth to have the awareness to change their lifestyles including me.

Technology was one of the things that leads to the culture of death for example, youth tends to spend most of their time texting, chatting, social networking through some social apps such as  whatsapp, wechat, facebook and the list goes on, and basically ignoring the community around them.

This is really helpful because we have to fight against this and make God as our priority in life. The things that I want to do next is to spread to the world that God is Love and inviting others to experience God’s Love.


Felny EkongFelny Enkong (Holy Family Telipok): I was really touched by my experience in PBK-12! I experienced healing and renewed strength, especially during the Youth Vigil. I sensed that it would cause changes in  my life.

Soon after the vigil, I felt the heat, which I believe is the fire of God’s love, burned within me. I experienced a real sense of being loved by God especially after receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

I know this wonderful experience would be a source of strength for me to face trials in life. I will continue to be faithful to the Father, and obedient to do His will.  I will choose to live forgiveness and healing through serving in the Church.


Rebeca Lakou (Holy Family Telipok): The activity that touched me most throughout the PBK-12 programmes was the ‘Jesus Walk’.

Through this program, it made me realize that I make mistakes whenever I choose to neglect my responsibilities and being just selfish.

Lord, I am a sinner!

This program has also helped me to start anew, rooted in the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ, in the Word of God.  As Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”.

May we follow Him only as He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.


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