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Inanam hosts second priestly ordination

IMG_1989INANAM (CS) – June 15 was a day of great rejoicing for the faith community of St Catherine Church, Inanam as they witnessed the ordination of Fr Maxmilliano Benhor Hontor, who hails from Kg Inanam Laut, Inanam.

The joy was immense as Fr Maximilliano was the second priest to be ordained from the parish, the first being Fr Patrick Jerome, after a void of 23 years.

Archbishop John Wong, the minister of the sacrament was joined at the altar by Archbishop Emeritus John Lee and clergy from the arch/dioceses of Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan and Keningau.

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Maktab Nasional bids farewell to outgoing principal

Handover documentKOTA KINABALU (CS) – Maktab Nasional bid farewell to its principal, Winnie Voo Nyuk Yung, 61 at a farewell ceremony in the complex premises on 26 May 2014, which was attended by Archbishop John Wong who is also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Msgr Primus Jouil, Chairman of the Board of Governors.  At the same time, Archbishop John Wong announced her successor, Alexander Funk who is the current Vice Principal.

Since its founding 29 years ago, Maktab Nasional has evolved over the years and has successfully become an alternative to public school for many students.  Being the only Church-owned education institution, the Church has always maintained the belief that access to education shall be made available to the greatest number of the populace regardless of their position in the social strata.  Towards this commitment, the Board of Trustees for Maktab Nasional is registered under the status of a non-profit organization.

Alex FunkMeanwhile, Alexander Funk Yun Leong, 42, who hails from Sandakan, has assumed his new appointment in June 2014. Believing in the ethos and the vision and mission of his old alma mater, he has gone back to help build it to be one of the finest, if not the best, institution in this region.

With a Bachelor of Arts, a Diploma in TESOL from the London Teachers Training College followed by a Master degree in Education (TESL), he started his teaching career in 2005 specializing in English as a second language, English for Science and Technology and Literature in English. He has also served in various administrative capacities including head of the English department, Senior Assistant for Academics and Vice Principal.

In fidelity to his faith he endeavours to serve the Church, going beyond being just a nominal Catholic with the offering of time and service. He is married to Sandra Wong Pei Khyun and is blessed with a daughter and a son.

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SM St Michael Penampang creates history at 6th EUROINVENT

IMG-20140525-WA0012opPENAMPANG  – SM St Michael Penampang (SMSM) did Sabah, and indeed the nation, proud with their superb performance at an international competition recently! Two thumbs up for SM St Michael Penampang Innovation Team for winning several world-class awards in “The 6th European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation (EUROINVENT) 2014” at Iasi, Romania which was held from May 22-24, 2014!

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Terawi hosts 48th WCD

DSC01100TERAWI – Holy Nativity Church in Terawi celebrated the 48th World Communications Day (WCD) on 31 May  2014 with a Sunset Mass presided over by Fr Thomas Madanan, Assistant Rector of the Parish and Spiritual Adviser to the Catholic Archdiocesan Social Communications Commission of Kota Kinabalu.

Connecting his homily to this year’s theme of WCD set by the Holy Father, “Communication at the Service of a Culture of Encounter”, Fr Madanan highlighted the human need for both a vertical and horizontal communications. Prayer is our vertical means of communications with God. The various instruments/tools of communications — What’s Apps, Facebook, Twitter, and ICT among others, are the horizontal means/tools of communications in today’s social environment among peoples.

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Archdiocesan Teachers Day Mass celebrated at St Simon Likas

KOTA KINABALU – This year’s Archdiocesan Teacher’s Day Mass was celebrated at St Simon Likas on 14 Jun 2014.

The Archbishop has appointed the Archdiocese Education Commission (AEC) to act for him in affirming the place of our Catholic schools within our mission, to work for excellence in our schools, to discern the signs of the times and to be open to positive change and development in the work of education.

Each year the AEC would organize the Teachers’ Day event with teachers, heads of schools and board members with the aim to rally the spirit and the Christian vocation of our Catholic teachers.

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Sandakan parish organises potluck dinner for neophytes

SANDAKAN – A week after Pentecost, St Mary’s Cathedral Parish Catechetical Ministry organized the Neophyte’s Night with a thanksgiving pot luck dinner at the Parish Hall Jun 15. It was a joyful moment for all neophytes who had gone through the one-year RCIA process .

Last Easter, 382 new members were added to the church in the Diocese of Sandakan, with 121 coming from the Cathedral Parish.

The neophytes proceeded into the hall with lighted candles to the hymn of ‘Walk in the light.’ It is a manifestation of our willingness to be instrument of light for others. The little procession signaled a joyful welcome into the community.

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KK Archdiocese hosts inaugural regional family life commission meeting

KOTA KINABALU  – Kota Kinabalu Archdiocese played host to the 1st Episcopal Regional Commission for Family Life (ERCFL) Meeting held at Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish Centre, Karamunsing, from 16-18 Jun  2014.

The meeting was convened by Archbishop John Wong, President of ERCFL for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei, with the objectives: (a) to listen to the programs and initiatives made by the arch/dioceses in this region for family, as well as to know the current issues and challenges faced by families today; and (b) to formally set up ERCFL for the region.

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Over 700 attend 40th CCR anniversary celebration


KOTA KINABALU – More than 700 people together with the leaders of the Renewal from parishes over Sabah gathered for a one-day celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the land of Sabah at Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish Centre on 7 Jun 2014.

It was definitely an occasion worth celebrating and should indeed be a time of praise and thanksgiving to God for this wonderful ‘current of grace’ which has brought literally tens of thousands of people to a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ in our local region. (Pope Francis on Jun 1, 2014, at the celebration of the 37th Annual National Convocation of “Renewal in the Spirit” in Rome said: “You, Charismatic Renewal, have received a great gift from the Lord: you have been born from a desire of the Holy Spirit as a current of grace in the Church and for the Church. This is your definition: a current of grace.”

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Kepayan CCR recalls its history

9KEPAYAN – Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement in St Thomas Kepayan Parish started in 1982.  A group of parishioners who attended a Life in the Spirit Seminar organized by the CCR prayer group of St Michael Penampang came back ‘on fire’ and were inspired to initiate a prayer group for the parish.

This group of pioneers organized their first prayer meeting at the residence of James Binaji at Kg Ganang, Kepayan.  The pioneers consisted of his wife, Henry Juming, Laura Saimon, Paula John and Cyril Jolik Lojimin.  Some of them eventually went on to form the first core group.

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Three participants share their experiences of PBK-12

Canisius (1)Canisius Enus (Holy Family Telipok): I am blessed that this programme has discussed about the culture of death which is so important for the youth to have the awareness to change their lifestyles including me.

Technology was one of the things that leads to the culture of death for example, youth tends to spend most of their time texting, chatting, social networking through some social apps such as  whatsapp, wechat, facebook and the list goes on, and basically ignoring the community around them.

This is really helpful because we have to fight against this and make God as our priority in life. The things that I want to do next is to spread to the world that God is Love and inviting others to experience God’s Love.


Felny EkongFelny Enkong (Holy Family Telipok): I was really touched by my experience in PBK-12! I experienced healing and renewed strength, especially during the Youth Vigil. I sensed that it would cause changes in  my life.

Soon after the vigil, I felt the heat, which I believe is the fire of God’s love, burned within me. I experienced a real sense of being loved by God especially after receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

I know this wonderful experience would be a source of strength for me to face trials in life. I will continue to be faithful to the Father, and obedient to do His will.  I will choose to live forgiveness and healing through serving in the Church.

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