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Fr Aloysius Tung Celebrates Diamond Jubilee

cs20140116_tungKOTA KINABALU(CS).- Fr Aloysius Tung, 86, celebrates his 60th priestly ordination with a Thanksgiving Mass at St Simon Church, Likas Dec 27 in the presence of all those beloved of him.

With him at the altar were Archbishop Emeritus John Lee, Archbishop John Wong, Fr Cosmas Lee, Fr Moses Lui, Fr Fundes Motiung, Fr Tony Mojiwat, Fr Thomas Madanan, Fr Jalius Sading and Fr Erik Jerome.

The celebration was all the more meaningful with Fr Tung being the main celebrant, ably assisted by Fr Cosmas Lee.

The occasion was also special as it coincided with the 49th priestly ordination and 37th priestly ordination of Archbishop Emeritus John Lee and Fr Cosmas Lee.

In delivering the homily, Archbishop John Wong dwelt into the person of St John the Apostle and Evangelist, filled with conviction and truth, who is possesed with the Truth as well as being possessed to tell the Truth, proclaiming what he had seen, touched and heard, his grasp of the Resurrection and Eternal Life. He left all securities and human ties behind and never looked back for love and passion of following Christ.

The prelate continued to expound on the virtues of John, who was filled with passion to even call down fire from heaven to turn men back to God.

Likening Fr Aloysius Tung to the Apostle and Evangelist, the prelate sees similar virtues in Fr Tung’s passion for leaving his homeland, China to follow Christ and never looking back, in pouring out his passion and love for Christ in faithful service, inspiring all who have come to know him.

He ended his homily with a call to the faithful to emulate St John and Fr Tung in enthusiasm and passion to share the Good News of the birth of Jesus, God-made flesh, just celebrated over Christmas, that He dwells not only amongst us but dwells within us, to proclaim what we have seen, touched, and heard.

Joining Fr Tung for the joyous occasion were the various members of the religious congregations, faithful from the various parishes, friends from far and near.

Mass over, all adjourned to the parish hall for refreshment, fellowship and photo-taking.


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