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Youth 40 Days of Grace

Come back to Me with all your heart – Joel 2:12

At the beginning of the season of Lent, the Prophet Joel reminded us to return to the Lord with all your heart. Longing for the Lord in prayer and by reading the Sacred Scripture; serving by giving alms; and practicing self-control through fasting can draw us closer to Him. Indeed, the Catholic hymn, “Hosea” (a song by John Michael Talbot), in one of its lyrics on “Come back to me with all your heart. Don’t let fear keep us part” which we sing so often during the season of Lent gives us the new meaning, perseverance and courage. We must not allow fear to keep us away from the Church.

Part of the youths from various parishes who joined the virtual meeting on 23rd March 2022. They prayed and shared the Word of God with each other.

Echoed by this, Archdiocese Youth Commission (AYC) of Kota Kinabalu had its unique way to reach out the youths in the Archdiocese by spiritually organise a programme called “Youth 40 Days of Grace”. This programme kick-started on 09th March 2022 with the theme ”Come back to Me with all your heart – Joel 2:12”, urging the youths to discern the meaning of the Lent season through praying and sharing virtually. AYC had also prepared the daily reflection which is personally written by Rev. Fr. Isidore Gilbert (Spiritual Advisor for AYC of Kota Kinabalu). The reflection is prepared and available every day during the season of Lent to assist the youths to reflect and contemplate Word of God for their preparation to celebrate the Lord’s Resurrection at Easter.

“Youth 40 Days of Grace” invites the youths to listen and share God’s great love through His Word. The sacred scripture helps the youths to deepen their relationships with the Lord and “renew” their everlasting faith in Him. Pope Francis writes, “The relationship between the risen Lord, the community of believers and sacred scripture is essential to our identity as Christians”. The pope further  reminding us by quoting St. Jerome’s famous phrase ,”Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ”. It is AYC’s great desire to see this programme successful and beneficial to the youths for their spiritual and faith growth through prayer, sharing and renewal of faith with each other.

Therefore, AYC is once again inviting all youths to join the “Youth 40 Days of Grace” programme which is held virtually on every Wednesday, 0745pm to 0900pm (Zoom App.) during this Season of Lent. For further information, please visit our Facebook page : Archdiocesan Youth Pastoral Team (AYPT) or Instagram : archkk_campusministry. – by Joshua S Yangus

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