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Tween DJ enters Malaysia Book of Records

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysia Book of Records awarded Lawrence Anthony Paramanathan aka DJ Lollipop, the Youngest Disc Jockey (DJ) title at the Hangover, PJ on March 12, 2022.

At 12-years-old, the seventh grade Cambridge IGCSE student is the first in Malaysia to attempt this feat and win. He spun for 90-minutes straight, incorporating three different mixing techniques using vinyl, digital vinyl, and Midi controller for 30 minutes each, respectively. Today, not many DJs, young or old are well-versed in all three skills.

Lawrence told the HERALD that he learned to appreciate music from a young age as his father used to play music from the 70s, 80s and 90s all the time. “My dad thought I may like DJing, so he asked me to try out the Beginner’s class with the option to stop if I didn’t enjoy it.” After two years at Dave Ramana’s SoundKontrols DJ Academy, Lawrence has completed six courses – Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Live Mixing, Remix Production, and Turntablism and Scratching.

“I try and practise for at least an hour a day. My favourite genre to mix is soul music. I also incorporate other genres but it’s harder to mix genres because the songs may not sync well. Besides Electro Dance, House, the 80s and 90s Hip-hop, and disco, I mix Bollywood and Tollywood music.

Lawrence hopes to start mixing Canto-pop soon. Currently, he has 26 mixtapes on Mixcloud. (To listen, visit DJ_Lollipop/dj-lollipop-80s-soul-mix/).

Parents Kenneth Ravi and Alicia Maria Pereira said Lawrence had always been a fidgety, restless kid who couldn’t sit still for long, but when he discovered mixing music, he became very focused.

“At a young age he liked dancing, so we signed him up for Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art form, which he does till today. It helped but it’s mixing that’s centred him,” said Alicia. Lawrence plays the berimbau and agogo during his Capoeira sessions.

A pilot by profession, when Kenneth isn’t flying, he scouts the Internet for new music and unique mixes and compiles them forLawrence to listen to in his free time.

From the age of four, Lawrence, together with his elder brother Alexander Augustine, and father, have been Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, and regular participants at competitions.

One of Lawrence’s dreams is to compete in the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation in the United States, and the other is to become a music producer.

Active parishioners at the Church of the Assumption Petaling Jaya, the family recites the Rosary every morning on their way to school. “If Kenneth and I are caught in a conversation and delay, Lawrence will interrupt with an “In the name of the father …”, are you all ready?

“The rascal that he is, how he loves Jesus is unbelievable. Most nights, when we retire, I hear him reciting the Rosary aloud, alone in his room,” shared his elated mother.

“I pray because He saved everyone from sin and got eternal life for us. I also pray so he can guide me throughout my life. I feel better when I pray and I find I don’t have to worry so much in school,” said the DJ who enjoys working on Math equations, adding, “I do forget to say my Rosary at times, but I always pray on the way to school and before I eat.”

Kenneth confessed, “Sometimes I stray from my connection with God, but when I see his faith (Lawrence), it pulls me back.”
— By Gwen Manickam For a glimpse of Lawrence in action, go to

SOURCE: Herald Malaysia Online

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