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Holy Thursday reflection by Fr Guido Gockel mhm

Recently Pope Francis gave an interview for the Tablet. He was asked: How am I living (the coronavirus lock down) this spiritually? His answer is a pearl of wisdom. “I’m praying more, because I feel I should. And I think of people. That’s what concerns me: people. Thinking of people anoints me, it does me good, it takes me out of my self-preoccupation. Of course I have my areas of selfishness. On Tuesdays, my confessor comes, and I take care of things there.”

Fr Guido, mhm

How beautiful! True spirituality and therefore true conversion has to do with” others”. During this time of crisis – as during Lent – we are called to a conversion that will be of benefit to society. Rather than being preoccupied in our spiritual life with my sins and my holiness, we are called to be concerned with others that they will receive God’s goodness and love, irrespective of whatever good or love is left for me.

There is a good exercise that Mother Theresa taught me in one of her talks on humility, – and how hard it is to learn – saying: when you have a meal at table, see to it that everyone but you is served well.

Prayer likewise has to focus on the other. When you are addicted to alcohol don’t pray that you will be set free, but pray for other alcoholics to be freed.

Maybe you can think of this on Holy Thursday when Jesus teaches us to wash one another’s feet. If you wash others’ feet, don’t worry about your own feet for they too will be washed by others.

Happy Holy Thursday!

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