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SYD5 Youth Cross and Mary’s Icon journeying across through heavy rains and long walk on train tracks in Beaufort

BEAUFORT – St Valentine Beaufort received the Youth Cross and Mary’s Icon Sep 29 from St John the Baptist Sipitang.

Close to 100 youth and parishioners of St John reached Beaufort at 3.30pm and was welcomed with a traditional Sumazau dance by the young people of outstation chapels.

Women and youth bringing the Cross and Icon on foot through train tracks to outstation chapel in Halogilat (Pic Credit: Lily London)

A cloudy day, followed with heavy rains,  have slowed down the receiving process but it was nevertheless successfully done.

The Cross and Icon were put inside the Church near the altar. They further welcomed it with songs of praises and sharing of testimony by a few young people to glorify God.

The event ended at 6pm, followed by a sumptuous meal at fellowship. Simon Tay


Ervina Phillip, youth coordinator, St Valentine Beaufort – MY PLAN is not Your plan. This time the journey of the Youth Cross and the Icon at Beaufort Parish brought a meaning that is deeper for me, even more in my life. I saw how the Cross and Icon crossing various paths and were carried to many places.

Four years ago, when this Cross arrived in the parish at that time I was not working and at the same time I was appointed as the new youth leader in the parish. So, I had the opportunity to be part of the reception at all outstations that were involved. But this time I was only able to join three outstations due to work.

Indeed, throughout the journey of the Cross and Icon, there were many ups and downs and things were not perfect. But I believe God will not give us something we cannot afford to bear and just leave us to fall.

I am grateful because I was met with many experiences that I didn’t expect during the time of receiving the Youth Cross, an experience that brings joy in service and also work. Hopefully in the next four years, I will have the opportunity to share on the glory and extraordinary work of God.

Emannuell Simon, 31 – ST VALENTINE, Beaufort parish received the SYD5 Youth Cross and Icon on Sep 29.

I had truly unforgettable experiences all through the time when the Cross and Icon were present.

The long journey and the rainy season have not dampened our youth’s enthusiasm in sending the Cross and Icon to one of the furthest KUK (church) in Beaufort.

The one-hour journey by car and four-miles walk to reach the church really left thousands of stories and a deeper experience of God’s love and participation. If it was not Jesus Christ, surely none of us would have been able to continue the journey.

One of the most touching sessions was a peace session with family and friends who are serving together. Not only youth but communities such as LOM, KWK dan the faithful came together to benefit from the session.

I hope that other youth will be present to experience the love when the Cross and the Icon of Mother Mary reached your parish. See you at SYD5 Papar. God Bless.

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