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WCD theme “We are members one of another” appropriate for Tuaran parish Kaamatan

TUARAN – The theme for the 53rd World Communications Day (WCD) “We are members one of another” was most appropriate for the Church who embraces the richness of its people’s cultures through Kaamatan celebration every May each year.

The Kaamatan Festival for Tuaran parish coincided with the marking of WCD for the KK Archdiocese Jun 2, by St John Church acting as host this year.

The Kaamatan atmosphere at St John was enlivened with the faithful congregating in their black traditional costume embroidered with the colourful beads ‘Linangkit’ peculiar to the Dusun Lotud tradition for both men and women at the Mass that day.

During the entrance procession, the costume was seen in stark contrast with the white vestments worn by Archbishop John Wong, who presided the Mass, and the concelebrants.

As part and parcel of a meaningful Kaamatan celebration, the entire community of families participated: children performing on stage, fair maidens vying for the Unduk Ngadau competition, men and women displaying their vocal talents, all for entertaining one for another and enriching each other’s life.

Organizing Chairman, Condrad Azman Nain, said “Overall, the multiple celebration was a success. However, the activities to promote a better understanding of the role of the KK Archdiocese SOCCOM at the parish level left much to be desired. For Kaamatan, the all-out participation in the cultural stage performances, traditional food competition and other cultural programs was very encouraging.”

No one went home until all have had their share in contributing to the joy and happiness of the community, whether as a mere participant or part of the hardworking organizers.

The year, Florina Wileh was thrilled to emerge as as winner of the Unduk Ngadau, followed by Vennychie Andrea in second place and Anna Tasha Alex at third placing. – JJ

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