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Fr Jerry challenges Archdiocesan staff

KOTA KINABALU – Fr Jerry Rosario, SJ or internationally known as the ‘barefoot priest’ challenged the Archdiocesan staff Sep 12 to stand up for Gospel values if they want to belong to the 5% category of ‘Special Catholics’.

He said the 5% are “special” because their internal life reflects three Gospel values.  They stand for ‘Justice’ – for creation, socially and cosmically. They practise and recognize ‘Freedom’ – for every individual, and they ‘Love’ – the society including the enemies and wrongdoers.

“Something like this should come into your life if you want to belong to the 5% ‘Special Catholics’” said Fr Jerry.

He listed three other categories of Catholics and asked the staff to identify which group they belong to.

First is the 30% ‘Simple Catholics’ who do not know details, do not contribute.  They enjoy the Catholic identity but have no thirst for mission.

Second is the 55% ‘Settled Catholics’, also known as ‘routine Catholics’. They do not allow any challenges to come as they are not ready for them and they do not entertain any more mission to be done. To this type, Fr Jerry said, “If you only take one challenge in life today, it will be the one revolution of your life.” He encouraged the staff to listen to the inner voice of the Spirit.

Third is the 10% ‘Scandalous Catholics’ who abuse the Church hierarchies. He said admitting fault is important in order for the Church to grow.

He set the tone of the staff recollection based on Luke 12:49 and following verses “I have come to set the world on fire…” and said this should thrust our thirst for the Gospel mission.

In order to live up these values, Fr Jerry emphasized on three qualities that pose as a further challenge to the staff; being positive, being proactive and being productive that produces 30, 60 and 100-fold.

He concluded by leading the staff to pray for the graces of dynamism and enthusiasm in living these challenges. LE

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