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FSJV marks feast day with charity dinner

The organisers of the FSJV charity dinner pose with the clergy after the event, 5 Aug 2018, Putera Theatre Ballroom Bukit Padang.

BUKIT PADANG – The Friends of St John Vianney (FSJV) marked the feast day of its patron saint, John Vianney, with a charity dinner, at the Putera Theatre Ballroom here on 5 Aug 2018.

Almost a thousand people attended the third dinner organised in aid of the welfare fund for the archdiocesan aspirants and seminarians.

The concept was first mooted by then Aspirants Director Father Wilfred Atin in 2011, realised in 2013 under the acronym RASS (Rakan-rakan Aspiran dan Seminarian) but the name was changed to Friends of St John Vianney (FSJV) in 2014.

The main objective of FSJV was to give material and moral support to the aspirants and seminarians through various activities and involvement of the laity in the early formative years of these young candidates.

In his address, Archbishop John Wong, FSJV patron, thanked the organising team headed by Rayner Ajumal, for organising the event, and all present for their support in turning up for the dinner.

On the other hand,  FSJV chairman Peter Suking,  in his welcoming speech,  gave a backgrounder on its history to the diners while Father Joshua Liew, FSJV spiritual advisor since January 2018, thanked everyone for their presence and support.

Among the stage performances was a skit entitled Sickness of the World by the aspirants.  The performances were interspersed with lucky draws.

The organisers also took the opportunity to honour Father Mattheus Luta (Initiation Year Director) and Father Wiandigool Runsab (assistant pastor of St Michael Penampang) in conjunction with their eighth priestly anniversaries (Aug 4).

Among those present were Abp Emeritus John Lee, Father Thomas Madanan of St Joseph Kiulu, Father Wilfred Atin, former Aspirants Director and now pastor of St Michael Penampang, Father Abel Madisang of St John Tuaran, and Deacon Russell Lawrine.

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