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PBK13 dedicates one day to mission work

TUARAN – Pesta Belia Keuskupan 13 (13th Youth Festival) dedicated one whole day on 20 Jun 2018 for young Catholics to live up to their faith with mission works.

Divided into groups of 20, they were sent out into the peripheries located for ‘Mission’ within the three zones of Tuaran, Topokon and Tenghilan.  Thirteen Missions under Tuaran Zone were located at Hope Village, Tolumis Care Centre, Sekolah Menengah and Sekolah Rendah St John, St Theresa Kindergarten, Kg Tagas, St John Church, Sabah Blind Association, Tuaran town and others, while situated in Topokon zone were the eight Missions at St Mary’s Church, Catholic cemeteries, kindergarten, pre-school, SK Topokon, Topokon town and individual homes.

Eight more locations in Tenghilan zone were located at St James Church, individual homes in several villages, SK and SM St James and their hostels and St Theresa Lisieux chapel.

Each location has different needs which have been identified beforehand. Among works carried out during Mission were cleaning of the inside and outside of Mission locations, grass cutting, painting of classrooms and buildings, picking up rubbish, cleaning of cemeteries, repair works, mural painting, collecting of log fire, exposure to Dusun Lotud culture and cooking for charity home’s residents.

Mission is an effort to bring youth out of a stereotype mindset and who have a confined understanding of ‘serving the Lord’ within the church building only.

Therefore, Mission brought them out to serve those in need, including taking care of nature flora and fauna, which are also God’s creation.

The youth became aware as they saw for themselves and experienced the living reality of others in need of help in basic chores to more complex ones.

After the Mission works, a recollection was organised for them to reflect on how mission works helped them to meet Jesus and in what specific situation during the works did they meet Jesus. They were also encouraged to make a commitment on their next course of action after PBK13 to know and experience the promised presence of Jesus.  All reflections and commitments were then brought to the Blessed Sacrament during Vigil Night session. – Linda Edward

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