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SFCS management board takes time off to celebrate advisor’s 50th birthday

Members of St Francis Convent Schools Management Board, Building Committee, Alumni, and Consultants pose with Abp Wong at a gathering marking his 50th birthday at the atrium between the two newly completed blocks, 6 June 2018.

BUKIT PADANG – The Management Board of St Francis Convent Schools took time off to organise a small gathering in honour of its advisor’s 50th birthday on 6 June 2018 at the premises of the newly completed St Francis Convent Secondary School here.

Archbishop John Wong, in his capacity as parish priest of Sacred Heart Cathedral, acts as advisor to the schools management board.

The mission kindergarten,  primary, and secondary schools are under the pastoral care of Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish Karamunsing.

Around 50 people from the management board, building committee, consultants, alumni, past and present principals turned up for the event.

The event was a milestone as it fulfilled the board’s promise to complete the building project in time for the advisor’s 50th birthday when the members were appointed in 2014 under the chairpersonship of Mary Florence Gomez.

The secondary school first began in 1955 as a separate block from the primary school at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman Karamunsing.

In 1959 it moved to Jalan Harrington (now Jalan Kebajikan).  It was officially opened by Mr GD Muir, then Director of Education in 1961.

As termites invaded the primary school buildings in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, efforts were made to find alternative location.  The primary school together with the management board succeeded in acquiring a 20-acre piece of land in Bukit Padang with plans to re-site both the primary and the secondary schools there.

The primary school relocated to Bukit Padang in 1993.

Towards the end of 1999, the management board authorised the setting up of the secondary school building committee amidst growing concerns for the dilapidated state of the school and high maintenance costs.  The secondary school would be located behind the primary school.

Although the groundbreaking for the secondary school was officiated by then Chief Minister Chong Kah Kiat in Oct 2002, it took about 16 years for the project to materialise.

The revised development plan was approved in June 2014 and the new building plans were approved in August 2014.

The estimated RM12 million school has two 4-storey blocks with a central atrium.

  • One block of 22 classrooms and living skills workshops;
  • One block of science laboratories, administrative offices, staffroom, library and
    special rooms

Meanwhile,  the management board hopes to apply for the Occupational Certificate to the relevant authorities within the next few weeks.

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