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UCSG organises welcoming juniors party

The participants of the Welcoming Juniors Party pose for remembrance, 21 Apr 2018, Sacred Heart Parish Centre Karamunsing.

KOTA KINABALU – Thirty new students attended the Welcoming Juniors Party (WJP) organised by the United Catholic Students Group (UCSG) at the Sacred Heart Parish Centre here on 21 Apr 2018.

The organisers were from CUCMS Sabah, UniTAR International University Sabah Regional Campus and Sidma College Sabah.

WJP is an event held every semester and it is one of the most important events in UCSG’s calendar where they welcome and show appreciation to new members. Alumni members were also present at the event.

The participants came from different places and backgrounds. The theme for the gathering was taken from Acts 2:44, “And all that believed were together, and had all things common.”   Games, praise and worship, sharing of faith and other activities were conducted.

An alumnus, Amylyn Bihin, was invited to give a talk on faith and shared her experience of following Christ. She was a former member of the Youth Ministry Office. She was not afraid to tell how God’s love changed her life.

It was Nester Duncan Tai’s first WJP and he said that studying and serving God are the two most essential things for Catholic students to do. He said, “Joining UCSG is really a blessing as it allows me to further strengthen my faith. There were lots of fun and helpful activities in the WJP which taught me how to pray as well as praising and worshipping God.”

Evita Delmundo, another participant,  felt the Holy Spirit guiding her throughout the event as she gained a lot of insights. What she anticipated in the Christian youth event was meeting new friends and being one family in Christ.

She said, “Such an event is a place for us to worship God. Furthermore, we should not enjoy and indulge ourselves in worldly things. We should give more space for God and remember Him all the time as He remembers us all the time too, without fail.” Jason Christie Jimmy

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